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  1. Happy Birthday britneyssmiling!

  2. Hi guys! I'm Elle and I just want to say my opinion on this, I understand where all of you are coming from but to be honest I wasn't too fond of the video ideas myself. But this isn't just about Sean and Jaydens birthday this is to celebrate how amazing Britney is as a mother as well, Preston and Jayden are older now an I just thought it would be a nice gift for them, I believe most fans will be sending in edits to wish them happy birthday. And this isn't an every year thing btw I wouldn't do that but Sean is going to be 10, 10 years Britneys been a mother. And I thought you know, why not make something nice for her and her boys. And you don't have to be apart of it I understand where all of you are coming from x
  3. Some of these comment scare me :/ I mean when Vegas finishes I'll be 17, Ive never seen Britney live and ive wanted to ever since I became a fan I was gonna go to Femme Fatale and never got too I know Brit prefers Vegas than touring but hopefully she'll perform in some countries for the next album or something
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