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  1. Some says she thinks it is too hot because "She's a mom now".
  2. The song is amazing! One of my fave so far.. But this whole era (which has not even started.. or?) is a whole mess they are wasting so much potential tbh.
  3. Hey there, Does someone know if a physical CD is planned? This MM stuff is like a "Perfume" déjà vu...
  4. Thank you sweetie! CD's collections are the best.. much more valuable It's addicting! Thanks BritneYoncé Wow, hum.. The rarest item.. I have seriously no idea. I have several rare pressings but the rarest? I just can't decide. Haha. My favorite piece would be the signed Overprotected USA promo CD but once again it's hard to choose, I love everything.
  5. Thanks sweetie But.. what do you mean? I only upload things like CDs or DVD.. My Merchandising and perfumes will not be a part of it, that would be too long to do haha.
  6. Hi guys! It's been a whle since I haven't log in Universe but I am back for good I used to post a lot in that section as I love collecting Britney CD's so I decided to create a blog about it! Feel free to visit and tell me your opinion xox http://laurajeanspearscollection.blogspot.com
  7. GET IT It worth like €25 here..
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