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  1. Ok thanks... I'm kinda disappointed now... That sounds awesome. Does anyone know the name of the song though please?
  2. Seriously? What's the name of the song please?
  3. Did you ever listen to it? If yes, do we know if it's fake or something? Cause it sounds fucking cool and I think that's her voice too...
  4. Felt kinda uncomfortable listening to his garbage/singing/talking thing...
  5. Brit's make up for the red carpet was different that the one used for the performance... Just saying. And the RC make up looked awful, gross and aged her so much. But the perf/millenium award make up was absolutly perfect. And so was the one she did yesterday. So I kinda have faith in her.
  6. ... some of you are still kinda crying cause of the Original Doll thing... But when I think about it... The new album who's gon be dropped is her thing definitely, she literally calls it "her baby" plus she's been working on it for one year and half. So why still idealizing something that never came up, while she's gonna drop her baby, an album that she entirely directed, as OD? (And do I ever have to remind you that BLACKOUT came just after this? One of her best albums ever?) It's maybe the first time since OD that she seems that involved into an album! I totally think this era's gon slay, I definitly have faith in Brit and I'm ready to wait if it's for some quality sound. (Even though I thought so hard MMO would have been released on the 20th of May... Forgive me Britney for being that naive sometimes ) So let's get prepared cause I hardly think what's coming is huge. Really huge.
  7. This era is gonna be something... Maybe her best...
  8. Remember we had a pic of where she was sitting guys Why would the producers have planed her to stay if she wouldn't? We're gonna have to wait and see (as usual)
  9. Ahah! Already read it, but that's from Robin Leach... As credible as what he said before about Make Me (Ooh). But good try when you said her label clarified it...
  10. Let people believe in what they want to please. Cause I'm one of those. And if nothing's coming, I would only blame myself, and I don't see what's wrong with it.
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