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  1. What baffles me most is that people would still even talk about that atrocity of an album when we have the masterpiece that is Glory in our hands. Get a grip.
  2. I've entered and told all of my friends to enter too so they can take me. One of these bitches better win.
  3. Care to comment on the fact that you called us all idiots and said we didn't know our own faves voice when the snippet was released? You were wrong. I wanna hear you say it.
  4. It isn't underperforming though. Any other week and it would have been #1. Just looking at the chart positions from all around the world. It's her highest peak for like a decade.
  5. Conversatio 14 AugJoshie Spears‏ @JoshuaCurry_ Can't wait to hear If I'm Dancin!!!! @chantalkreviaz ? in reply to @JoshuaCurry_ chantal‏ @chantalkreviaz @JoshuaCurry_ I can't lie it's an all time fave of mine. 14 Aug 2016, 7:11 pm 1 RETWEET 2 LIKES
  6. Cheap Thrills was released as an instant grat back in February and only became #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July; 5 months later. It's still on top now for the 5th week in a row. You can take a seat Sis.
  7. Cheap Thrills by Sia says hello
  8. Ap by me, you are days behind sis, retire.
  9. 1. Capsize (Produced by Galantis) 2. In My Mind Revealed by BritneyChina. They previously revealed the date of the MM MV release and Album announcement.
  10. The comments section of the MM MV disagrees...
  11. I would add to the mess that is this thread, but ive already received 2 sets of warning points today from some puta called Dety
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