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  1. I did exactly the same with a Gaga song 3 years ago.
  2. This information was available for a short time on a publishing site, but was taken down after they found out it was accessed. ELLIE GOULDING: HERSELF (STUDIO ALBUM) RELEASED: AUGUST 12 2015 TRACKLISTING: Rhinestone (Goulding) Summer Dream (Goulding/Pentz) Call On Me (Goulding/Starsmith) Gold (Goulding/Kelly) Rhinestone has also been rumored to be a diss track to Marina Diamandis, as a response to her song Better Than That.
  3. I think she's just become more thoughtful since "the breakdown", or maybe just sad. We may never know, unless her handlers let her go.
  4. People say this about me though, often when I'm tired or just in deep thought.
  5. What happened gurl? You were my fave member when I used to post here back before the summer. I'm guessing you were grounded, 2 years seems a bit extreme. It'll all blow over in a couple weeks. x
  6. If it had a proper video it'd honestly be my favourite.
  7. One of my favourites on Blackout tbh, I love it.
  8. cringing so hard rn http://www.eternal-allegiance.com/archive/index.php/t-4632.html
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