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  1. Brit just looked amazing just keep the slayage coming and what ever happens next I will remain positive cuz I know nagtivety wouldn't get me far
  2. tmz are always acting all high and mighty when all they do is sit on their fat asses and acting like shady bitches like the rest of the trolls meanwhile Brit is killing it like a boss in Vegas so she can't be bothered and neither should we
  3. I guess they runout of new so they decided to make shit up ugh the media is so annoying and stupid
  4. I'm not going to freak out about things I have no control over and yes Beyonce doesn't sing pop music and yes Brit need to up her game but at the end of the day it's not in my control ppl has their own opinions and they entitled to them
  5. there's plenty of room for more than one queen of pop we need to stop hating on artists that are not Brit that hate will get us nowhere
  6. I hope she doesn't retire after Pom and she will make more music one can only hope
  7. I love that she's always happy and have a big smile on her face I wanna have the same attitude she doesn't care what ppl say about her she's always unfazed and that bothers a lot of ppl the media included that's why they always make up stories about her and judge her and I love it about her and I'm going from now on to have the same attitude thank u Brit for Bering an insprotin and a strong person keep on keeping on
  8. I'm gonna remain positive and whatever the song sounds I'm going to lo love it anyway even if its a cover
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