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  1. Ok but heres the thing. Back then we didn't watch every single show Britney put on like we did with FFT and POM. We only saw the shows that were put together by her team or the producers. We're judging Britney so hard on her performances because were watching her every step, every move, everyday she performs unlike before. Yea I agree Britney isn't 19 anymore but that doesnt mean she didnt have bad days before. Fans recording artists has become so popular today something thats wasnt as common before.I truly believe that is the reason behind seeing their every flaw now adays as oppose to before.
  2. Britney Spears can still dance the way she did before the only reason that I can think of why others would critisize her now is since she does not use as much attitude in her facial expressions as before. If you see this video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3NW4zMMR3oUyou can clearly see how she dances even more than before. Her choreo from before was sometimes slow and simple but she made up for it with her attitude in her expressions which made the whole dance 3x better. I just don't think others should be complaining about her dancing now when she still has it. ALSO take note that before each and every one of her shows was not recorded by fans like they are today. We would only see the ones that were provided through DVD or were shown on TV. Im sure even back then she had shows which weren't her best. Britney still is the amazing dancer she's always been!
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