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  1. Happy Birthday Britneyy!

  2. BOMT: Autumn Goodbye lol OIDIA: CMYLM Britney: WILTBM ITZ: BOM Blackout: Outta this world Circus: Phonography FF: Up n down BJ: TTB
  3. dear god is madonnagu in here too do u know when hell will be fixed cuz i'm bored in here?
  4. She better not perform because she won't do her best. I would've loved her to perform in 2003/2004 or 2008/2009 but now.. no But Taylor should def perform, it's great promo and she has enough cool songs
  5. For a moment I thought it said "will. i. am" and not "william orbit" omgg I THINK IM ONNA HAVE A HEART ATTACK AND THEN I SAW IT SAID ANTHONY PRESTON
  6. Wtf the only thing from this article I paid attention to is "vegas was extended until 2017"... LET'S SABOTAGE IT SO THEY END IT DUE TO POOR TICKET SALES!!!
  7. Bad Blood sucks, unlike SIO, BS and Style. These are the album's gems tbh. Bad Blood is literally one of the worst songs on the album. Mariah is irrelevant so yeah and so is Xtina. IDK we'll see
  8. IDK I hope it started but I think the PG collab will be something to satisfy us until the actual album (which will probably not be out until 2016). There may be some other singles tho I'm happy as long as Britney is happy too so it doesn't matter to me if she does promo, releases 5 singles and an album etc
  9. noooooooooooooooooooo honestly what the fuck NOW i understand why britney is so uncomfortable around people i hope this freak never meets her
  10. ikr her voice is just I really like EH tho and especially Primadonna
  11. Rebelionney me 2 ( the song and album ) and also I love Electra Heart
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