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  1. Ah okay, Thankyou for some more information!
  2. Anyone know if this has any truth to it, How come its not been mentioned on hear yet? I cant believe i'm a few days late in finding out about this possible new registered song? Found this on twitter earlier.. https://twitter.com/BritneyHiatus/status/1242086713754877952?s=20 The same twitter also shared this link . . https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/895338297 Even if its just a small glimmer of hope of new music its enough to help me get through this whole Covid situation going on in the world at the moment haha
  3. Didn't she record loads of songs for Glory which never got released, Its a shame she couldn't even use them for a small promo album this year before working on a bigger project once everything is more stable with her team and everything else
  4. Is part of my hoping she can turn all this drama around on the fans and bring out a blackout 2.0 right now. Another piece of me style bop for summer 2019 and shut all this drama up
  5. Sending so much love and prayer's for this woman. I know it doesn't relate but whenmy father was terminally ill, I didnt look after myself and ended up with serious mental health issues. I pray she will get better, It does feel such a set back from her appearing to be in a good health placr during her run in vegas and the time afterwards. Just want/need her to be selfish and take the time, all the time she wants and needs to get better and any true fan would want the same.
  6. So gutted to hear about the show cancelled, Seems like the time her team get it together and all the right parts seem to be falling in to place nature feels the need to mess it up, bless her. Feel so bad for Brit but I wish her and her family all the best, sending my love. Having lost my Dad two years ago I know how quickly and horrible life can change :/ so you gotta put your family first and make memories before you loose the chance too
  7. Will be interesting to see if the style and theme of the show will reflect in her new music, Maybe we might see a Blackout 2.0 haha
  8. Anyone noticed the yellow box in the background of Coupure Electrique, Looks like a backing dancer steps out of it at the start and also in another clip its moved to the side so looks like it could possibly be a some sort of prop prototype. Might be something how Beyonce does with all dancers in boxes and light effects ect, But with it being Team Brit will turn out to be a hot mess
  9. Could imagine seeing something like that would suit Scream & Shout in my opinion but I hope not as S&S needs to rest in my opinion
  10. Wow looks okay, For a moment I acctually got a lil bit excited for a new residency. Was just thinking when they first announced her last show POM, It was around the same time workbitch dropped to help promo. Wonder if theres a good chance this could repeat and we may get a cheeky promo single.
  11. Its got to be a residency, All the paper reports earlier in the year about her returning to vegas for 2019, Surley they all cant be wrong. Plus its around the right time to start plugging piece of me continued for another 2 years. Just hope when it is announced its a brand new show and not just piece of me with more set pieces removed and more good choreo taken away. Im using reverse psychology so hopefully I will get a shock come Thursday when its a new single ready to be realised midnight Thursday 😂😂 Gotta love this woman though, Going on Ellen to make an announcement about an announcement which isnt even going to be on the show but on her youtube channel.
  12. So Pitbull has been added to the UK & European tour dates! Does anyone else reckon we could see a promo single feat pitbull this summer?
  13. Guess we wont be seeing this costume again now then I feel bad if she didn't notice to be honest. But if she noticed and thought fuck it then I would be like slayyyy haha
  14. To be honest, I think the song just was just missing something. It was and still is a nice song and I enjoy listening to it. Would I really go out my way to look for it and listen to it probably not, Especially when I compare it to other lead singles
  15. Someone crop Brit into MILF $ vid xD haha, Id love a fergie and Brit track though. Even though it would probs end up like Iggy 2.0
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