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  1. Happy Birthday foolishnessorfuckery!

  2. Overrated: Madonna Kiss Underrated: BOMT DWAD Tour
  3. Her current house is 8 million. Personally I think the one she lives in now is much nicer. Maybe ill buy it off her. Ill get a stan discount.
  4. Yes!! I'm going for a M&G for my 17th birthday!! (Feb 2017) So excited!!
  5. My entire life is a blur before god saved me.
  6. In The Zone is equal to or better than Blackout. Also a known fact. Much more artsy fartsy.
  7. Nice signature! I'm a big hilary fan too. I bought her new album twice!!
  8. Anything Pharrell has ever done is gold. Slave 4 U, Rock Your Body (JT), Sugarfall, and many others are all amazing. He can do no wrong! Full List of Pharrell written songs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Songs_written_by_Pharrell_Williams
  9. BOMT: I Will Still Love You Oops: Don't Go Knockin' On My Door Britney: What It's Like To Be Me ITZ: Boom Boom Blackout: Why Should I Be Sad Circus: Blur FF: He About To Lose Me BJ: Alien
  10. OMG so sorry I just checked and the links don't work anymore I'm so sorry!!
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