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  1. Happy Birthday It's Nancy Bitch!

  2. I wish that she stayed in vegas, it would give me more time for me to go see her but I also want her to go on a world tour!! oh it would be awesome if she brings POM residency in a world tour with everything including things from store and maybe she can also put new songs from her new album in the tour:)
  3. Aww we are all cute but the baby and the little girl are so adorable aww Thank you for making me a part of this!!! I'm happy to be able to contribute to a great cause!! I'm sure Britney will be so proud of us all Great job Britney Army!!!
  4. Aww Rachel congrats, you are a SUPER fan and I love all your tattoos and the meaning behind them all I love love your britney heart one so much
  5. aww what a sweet and touching story! it's great Britney wrote to you, isn't she the best?
  6. wow your story has me in tears!! so touching and glad you are ok! never keep fighting and glad you got to meet Britney and give her the flowers:) You are an inspiration!!
  7. Aww what an AMAZING story Emily!! I felt like I re-lived the experience through you...LUCKY and happy for you!! Hope this happened to me and we all Britney Army deserve an opportunity like this
  8. wished i could swim with britney and her kids, it'll be so much fun!!
  9. WOW definitely hot as ice!!! Love her shirt and i'm glad she kept her purple highlights
  10. I can't believe it..again...No Britney= NO VMA'S!!!! Britney made the VMA'S without her the VMA'S is boring and Britney brings in the ratings BIG TIME!!
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