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  1. 😂 tbh RT @ParisBurned: RT @DannyElTravies0: Dinner the night before the direct deposit hits. http://t.co/1AzuFnpvs0

  2. RT @TheGoodGodAbove: Brian Williams embellishes one story = firestorm. Fox News lies unapologetically for 20 straight years = #1 cable ne…

  3. RT @bretterlich: My Saturday Night recipe: 1. Flip through Warehouse Supply catalogue mistakenly delivered to me. 2. Drink Pringles from th…

  4. RT @TheGoodDeath: No really, explain to me what is even happening here? http://t.co/C5q73Q13Ce

  5. RT @bridger_w: Currently on track to get a new look for spring so bold that my family is going to disown me

  6. Clothes shopping makes me feel young. Looking at my body in dressing room mirrors doesn't. #TaketheGoodwiththeBad

  7. RT @FacesPics: This snow covered grill looks like Jack Nicholson http://t.co/GDQEDCVPEf

  8. RT @VernonEL: I've been told that to effectively communicate with those I know, I must install Facebook Messenger. {Scowls. Crosses arms. D…

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