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  1. you're so extra.

    1. Ned


      Wrong. Compared to you I'm extra X 10⁶.

  2. The absence of Myah Marie threads was kinda astonishing to me but of course that couldn't last for long.
  3. Just because it's so cool and trendy to be hateful towards Taylor Swift right now doesn't mean Britney said that in a disrespectful way. That's what I think. I don't think there's more to it than what she already said. For the record: I'm not even a fan of Tay's. Never been into her music either. This works in favor of the media so for the most part it's more of a cheap fabrication rather than something truthful.
  4. You're probably not educated enough to tell that I'm not a staff member anymore. There's no way I can possibly edit your posts or change the title of your thread. The joke's on you, drama queen.
  5. If 2013 didn't help you understand what she wants to focus on at this point of her career then I don't know what will. Talk about a misleading title...
  6. There's always mowing lawns.
  7. The only song from Britney Jean that I still play sometimes is Perfume. Her vocals are amazing. I don't have to say what I think of the whole album so I won't. Some things are better left unsaid.
  8. Haven't heard it on any European radio stations. I don't get why people are so freaked out by the lack of promotion, I mean it's not like you're gonna lose your funds or something. If you enjoy the music that's all that matters. She would've bought the numbers if she had wanted to.
  9. Arguing? More like partially disagreeing. I don't drag, burn, snatch weaves, slay, etc. I could've simply said that your initial post made me uncomfortable with no explanation. That would lead to arguing. Forgive me for being semantic as you say, I rarely post on here so you won't be seeing more of it that much. I do agree with you to a certain extent. I feel nothing else but disappointment when I see what this fan base has turned into. Some amazing people who always used to be around are not here anymore (I don't think they left because of negativity) and without them this community feels different. It has changed indeed. Anyhow, thanks for taking your time to respond. Exchanging real thoughts is interesting, don't you think? Have a nice day.
  10. If that's the case you could've simply referred to it as either community or better said the pillars of community - fans. Negativity is everywhere, it's on your twitter feed, in the YouTube comment section, Facebook comment section and on the forums. The moment it gets insulting too the problematic ones will be expunged immediately which happened a few times already last month. Some people are pessimistic like that, some of them are enjoying dramatic atmosphere and some of them just pretend to be positive and all sweet when in fact they are not. You see, the presence of such people on the Internet used to bother me until a couple of years ago when I just stopped caring and realized I could say whatever and whenever I wanted. Why? Because I chose to stay true to myself and get the right balance between what I think and what I type on the Internet. I don't need anyone to tell me that I'm resolute. I already know that so I have no regrets if someone misunderstands me or tries to provoke me or something. It just shows who and what they are. It's good to be familiar with your surroundings and aware of those who can't get themselves together because you can filter the content you see, thus avoiding what irritates you. This is not just theoretical, it's practical too. Did you see that little circled "x" button below members' profile pictures? 2 clicks and you'll never see their posts again. Forget about their existence. They can rub their eyes with despair, put it in their salads and what not. Luckily for you - I'm pretty sure you'll find it handy. I wish I could do the same but fudge, I'm the one who does the supervision. I implore you to accept my advice and do what I suggested - it will make a huge difference.
  11. It has nothing to do with the site per se. You see none of this on the main page, right? The behavior of Britney's online fan community has drastically changed sometime in 2011 so wherever you go you will see people complaining. There is a fine like between disliking something (obviously one can't like every single thing on this whole white world) and hating on someone/something, behaving disrespectfully. Not digging the concept of some music videos, their direction and so on is completely normal. Being hateful towards people performing in that video is a whole different matter. I can name a few people who spend most of their day maintaining the website and making sure it's running properly. With new problems emerging every day and no financial benefits I'd say they're doing a pretty good job. Moderating a fan community isn't easy either because you have to stay neutral and respond selectively and rationally to whatever happens - which is why we can't simply get rid of those who are dissatisfied or disappointed. They will say what they have to say, log out and move somewhere else. People come and go. In case they choose to break the rules and guidelines, proper actions will be taken. Your statement was just as uncomfortable to read hence why I had to respond and clarify things a bit. To sum it all up - site =/= fan base.
  12. This makes me wonder what her voice would sound like now if the nasal-baby style never happened. Her natural voice is really strong and unique and I really hope it comes back one day.