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  1. Could be a new tour interlude, could be the music video for new single "Apple Pie". As Britney would say... "You'll have to wait and see."
  2. It garnered the highest radio play of her entire career, has the strongest production with most potential hits, and it's just a fucking blast to listen to from start to finish. Easily my favorite Britney Spears album as of mid-2018. I don't care if Blackout and ITZ are "edgier", FF sounds more pleasing to my ears. TTWE, HIAM, IO, IWG, DDB, SIWAK, TFM, Up N' Down, Selfish, Criminal... all flawless pop songs.
  3. The pre-chorus of #NoTears is euphoric. Everything else though...

  4. Or maybe it’s her way of throwing shade at her shady ass boyfriend. https://t.co/yEoPNGWGub

  5. Joyride is a solid collection of tracks. @Tinashe

  6. Azealia Banks truly went OFF on ‘Anna Wintour’. If only she could stop being so problematic and just let her talent… https://t.co/EHILxcRKJL


  8. @PhoneDog @alw When the "flagship killer" that originally came out at $300 is now (expecting to be) charging more… https://t.co/6jJpph15Aa

  9. If you don't have 'Wanna Be Missed' by @HayleyKiyoko on endless repeat what the fuck even is your life?! https://t.co/fPfDLToQ5l

  10. @bossassbutera The water type tends to have the least weaknesses and best final form.

  11. The photo on the left has me DECEASED. Why you do this to me, @britneyspears?! ??? https://t.co/Ca5biyfAyH

  12. Clearly this person hasn't used the Pixel 2 or Galaxy S9, both of which put the iPhone to SHAME. https://t.co/4fjDZg8BVQ

  13. @HungerFF When we getting a belly bulge video? :p

  14. Unfathomable really. https://t.co/s1SdAM5R86

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