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  1. I love the New Choreography for BTI!!! Its much better than her jumping up and down until the climax of the song.
  2. THIS!!! Finally, someone fucking gets it!!!
  3. 'I rate it 9/10 Like everyone else said, the setlist is a bit more out of place but how can that even be an issue when she delivered for EVERY FUCKING SONG! The energy, sexiness and overall glow she had last night was contagious! Now, Circus still needs some work and BTI i like MORE because the entire company is involved and it needed to be changed up a bit. Slave is Slave, everyone wants to see her do the iconic choreography so it sticks. IUSA was actually GREAT and the missy elliot dance break was when Britney SHOWED HER ASS! THE BITCH CAME FOR LIVES WITH IT. MAJOR HIGHLIGHT TBH!!!! Overall, great show and can't wait to see it but people please remember....LIVE IS DIFFERENT FROM VIDEO! These videos don't do her justice especially when it seems the people recording them (even though its very much appreciated that they recorded parts and shared them) record awkward parts or moments. GO see the show, especially some of you who nitpick every god damn thing as if your sitting front row in the axis and in reality, your sitting front row on your computer watching 10 mins of complete 20 sec videos of a 90 min show.
  4. She was GREAT!!!! This is the Britney we have not seen in YEARS! Words cannot even be said at how she SLAYYYYED and WEAVE SNATCHED tonight!
  5. Britney Jean Spears just reminded this fanbase why we fell in love with her. This is A MILLION TIMES BETTER! She went for it this time around! GREAT SHOW BRIT!
  7. Happy Birthday howwasisupposetoknow!

  8. Why does her nose look normal in these pics but others she looks like she got it slightly slimmed down?
  9. It was put up by an artist/producer named SR...facebook her...she seems legit...but im not saying this is real, im just saying no one would post a video like this and tag britney in it just for shits and giggles
  10. So, This popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday... https://video-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xtp1/v/t42.1790-2/12176826_369376236566446_1496663268_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjQxMCwicmxhIjo1MTIsInZlbmNvZGVfdGFnIjoicWZfNDI2d19jcmZfMjNfbWFpbl8zLjBfcDFoY19zZCJ9&rl=410&vabr=228&oh=fa2503a5555a3d00964909c14dae745b&oe=5629C053 Studio sessh w/ ‪#‎BritneySpears‬ ‪#‎Blackout‬ - The Incredible Lago! ‪#‎iDontSeeEm‬ What do ya'll think?
  11. Exactly! Adele is gonna dominate but again it comes down to a well crafted album..Britney is gonna have to forget the trends and start right off with something that is fresh and new...PG was a trend follower and while TD is a great start in the right direction, Fall Out Boy killed its chances of radio play. She has to come out strong this time
  12. Ok, so I heard Adele is releasing her new single and music video tomorrow, with an album release date for Nov. 20th..If she duplicates the success of her previous album, Britney is gonna have come big and strong now. PG and TD fizzled and though charts don't matter, Britney would not want to spend almost a year and half working on an album just to die out after a day or two..forget Taylor, this is the true test.
  13. Well, with Adele releasing her new single and music video tomorrow and her album coming out on Nov. 20, we should only want quality music at this point, especially if she plans to release B9 early 2016 cause we know Adele is gonna rule the charts for the rest of the year.
  14. She stuttered when he asked what she had to drink, which i take it as Kate knows what really went down at that party and she is only giving Andy bullshit answera. But that game night was good publicity!
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