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  1. Just Like Me would make an awesome acoustic performance, along with a stripped down version of BOMT & Hold It Against Me
  2. I also dream of a Glory megamix, featuring non-singles. I know "What You Want" is not a fan favorite but I think it would make for an entertaining performance, even an intro to a world tour. I would be here for mostly uptempos from Glory, like "Love Me Down" and "Change Your Mind." An acoustic performance of "Just Like Me" would destroy me, not even going to expect that ever though.
  3. Exactly on point. There needs to be a positive return on investment in order to make a visual album from a business standpoint. It only makes sense to spend a lot of money on a project if there will be a profit. Beyonce's albums have longevity and they are basically the main promotion for tours that produce mass revenue. Piece of Me is successful but no where near the numbers a stadium artist is generating.
  4. I agree that Britney shines in music videos, which is why the MM redone video was such a huge missed opportunity to promote Glory. Britney revolutionized the music video. As far as releasing more videos/a visual album, it all depends on funds unfortunately. I don't see Britney making a visual album with a cohesive story and themes throughout like Lemonade, but I can see individual videos being released. Even if they released the album with 6-7 (costume changes) videos that would be cool too. Based on visual-potential, I would like to see videos for Man on the Moon, Hard to Forget Ya , What You Need, Liar, Just Like Me, and Change Your Mind. I would want different facets of her personality released though, not just a 16 sexy videos because that would be redundant.
  5. Info below: https://54below.com/events/broadway-loves-britney/
  6. I find it questionable whether Britney actual hears many songs that are sent to her. It's an inorganic process if songs have to go through Will, Larry, Adam, etc. Good songs get lost in the process. At least someone like Karen knew what she was looking for and helped to actualize it versus someone that thinks they know what songs would be good for her.
  7. I love Britney but from a marketing standpoint, Britney is not well-respected by the GP. Vegas is often known as a place for "has-beens" which doesn't help the situation. Many think she cannot sing or dance. Carpool Karaoke or the VMA's did little to change those opinions. For an album to be successful, an artist needs to appeal to a wider demographic. Britney needs to prove she is talented if she wants to gain dominance on the charts. Something like the "Alien" leak was never addressed by her team but it was trending worldwide on Facebook and really hurt her cause. If she came out and sang an acoustic version of Alien, that would've been the best damage control. The problem is she is heavily scrutinized but rarely proves the haters wrong. Her performances have definitely improved but many fans left already and there have not been any electrifying performances or iconic music videos. Beyond this, she needs to do something to reinvent herself lyrically. Most of Glory is about sex, which is the same as Femme Fatale. Some songs lyrically are on the same level as In The Zone. She needs people to stop and say did you see the new Britney video? Something out of character and unexpected creatively is needed to grab peoples attention, in a good way.
  8. I think a song like Make Me would have been a great 3rd single for Femme Fatale, following 2 uptempo songs. I can sort of see why it was chosen as the lead but it's not a #1 song that will drive an entire album. I really like the song but mid-tempo was very risky for an artist like Britney. Better would've been a safer choice, not saying it's the best song on the album but more in line with what the GP would expect.
  9. I don't really even care to hear about it until it's over. A tell-all book would be a good time to talk about it
  10. Probably my favorite Make Me performance this era, much improved
  11. I can't believe she cares about the charts, that genuinely surprises me.
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