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  1. Sounds like you just downloaded audacity
  2. never been called a troll before tbh that's quite rude
  3. is there even a thread that you HAVEN'T posted in? You attached to your computer or something Stephen Hawking?
  4. I didn't realise Stevie wonder had an account on here. Welcome
  5. why? Because I expect more from my favourite pop star? Don't hate because I have standards that you clearly don't
  6. KFC without fail. I think I used to be black in a past life tbh I love it so much
  7. I've seen it all and its just average. Nothing special. Its sad but true.
  8. not talking about music, that's the reason I'm a fan but the performances are a shambles. MESS!
  9. bitch we've been experiencing her worst since FF was released. When is enough enough?
  10. I wasn't being negative I asked you a question.
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