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  1. Its clear that this music video is her with her girl friends auditioning guys for her make me video. U can clearly see 'make me auditions' when she gets out of the car. Literally that is the story line. As I said it is nothing special but you can follow it. I've watched it twice and prob wont again. But the original one is bizarre. The song isnt an up beat banger. Why was there men bouncing all around her in a digger. . Why is there a leopard. It would have been an absolute mess and the meltdowns would be huge. . Its a chill song with a chill video. The fans need to calm down because the fan base behaviour is embarrassing. If you dont like it, just dont watch it. Wait for another single. . . Watch some old videos or better yet watch some other singers songs too.
  2. That is the first time I watched the leaked version or saw anything to do with it and all I have to say is what a mess it would have been. That version looks cheap, tacky and without a context. The video doesn't fit the song at all. The video that has been re shot is nothing special but has a story and fits better. Im glad the original was thrown out. This new video shows her personality more which maybe what she was going for.
  3. omg twice?!!! thats hilare job security? nah
  4. jeez, don't drag my ass. I was reading online that they parted ways in 2004? but she fired him in 2007? what happened in these years. I know her dad re-hired him... I wonder if she will ever fire him again, if she ever gets out of her c-ship.
  5. Hi ya'll when exactly did britney fire him and why?
  6. Gurl, I'm witchew... Chillin witchew till monday
  7. Tom's Diner is fine but nothing special. I'm waiting for the real summer smasha #prettyGirls
  8. The tack in this thread is too much. Who cares if she eats lunch out. Fans shouldn't give this tabloid muck any attention.
  9. Requested it 4 times today on radio station and didn't get a play
  10. these daily location tabs of her are really tacky, unnecessarly invading and have nothing to do with her profession..aka none of our business.
  11. is as eire mé comh maith Tá áthas orm buladh leat
  12. Calm your tits hun I'm not here for no.1's... im here for slayage ya'll would be slayed by said guitar man
  13. No. it has something to do with the vevo playlists as far as im aware.
  14. I think Britney Jean was a missed opportunity to do a real " personal album". i would really like her to explore more with with an album like P!nk did recently.. with her Rose ave. album. this album had no release ( kinda an album just for herself and fans). No one cares about sales on this record because its not a chart album. I believe Lady Gaga has done something similar? I think if she really did this for album 8 no one would care about (lack of) sales and we would have a nice fresh, raw album without effects and EDM. just records with a raw, vunerable sounds... and sung right thorugh.. none of this cut and past nonsence. Perfume would have fit nicely into this kind of album. I would love this for album 9... but i get the fealing that team britney are going to do something mainstream for numbers. at this stage I think her fan base need something real and enjoyable. this kind of album would need no promotion either so perfect. Just my idea on what i think people would enjoy. I know a lot of fan base want no.1 hits but those days are gone. this kind of album could be soemthing nice while still doing the vegas residency. but would need a live performace with her and just a guy with a guitar. sorry for the huge picture.. dont know how to resize it.. but this is what i would like to see. what do ye all think?
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