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  1. Not even a mention at all these Xmas festivals she's been at
  2. Which was a better medley of her greatest hits?
  3. I'm fucking scalpt still recovering hours later
  4. just giving you my opinion sweetie didn't realize we were trying to win something
  5. if someone was calling britney's albums garbage im sure the opinion would be different theres ways to describe not liking an album you listened to besides calling it garbage, you're just being rude and uncute
  6. preach it sis! don't even get me started on kylie
  7. neither of those are garbage, dont embarrass yourself. and lemonade was made for black women, it's not for u sis. i'm sick of Britney fans blindly bashing Rihanna Nicki and Bey. All our girls make good music. You're an admin on this site and shouldn't be spreading hate in any form.
  8. Omg and the deleted footage from Perfume!
  9. Happy Birthday Fantasmagoria!

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