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  1. Hopefully Britney says more about it soon! I'm excited
  2. Good, I don't know if I could contain my excitement and sit the whole time hah. thanks again!
  3. Yay have fun. I'll be heading there soon too! Where are you traveling from? If you have ga come back and give me more tips please. Haha
  4. Do people mostly sit during the show? I've heard mixed things about that. And thanks I wouldn't want to block someone else's view and have them think I'm rude lol
  5. This is random I know. I have tickets in GA soon...but I was going to go another night while I'm in Vegas and get actual seats..and for those of you who have been, I'm wondering if I get an isle seat, are the security guards ok about letting you stand in the isle or if I'm in the second row in the front orchestra do they let you go up against the wall? I'm just wondering because I'm short, so if I get stuck behind someone tall I'm SOL. Thank you
  6. Thank you for the info, I can't wait to get there!
  7. I'm so glad you had a great time! Great pictures and video too I'm really hoping to meet Fe when I go in March! Did security say anything when people tried to leave the line to go to the bathroom? I was thinking about getting there between 4 and 5 too..did the line start getting long behind you soon after you got there? Oh and one last question..when you go through the metal detectors do they like dig through bags and stuff? I wanna bring my camera and I know a lot of people do, I'm just trying to figure out if I need to like hide it or what. Plus I wanna get through the metal detectors as quick as possible, so I don't wanna be held up getting my bag checked or something stupid. Sorry for all the questions, I'm having so much anxiety about this lol..but again I'm glad your experience went well!
  8. I swear, Britney is one of the only people I know that look the best with a middle part! She's looks so beautiful!
  9. I have no tips, but hopefully you come back with some for me for March! haha. Hope it goes smoothly and have a blash!
  10. I get such a wonderful feeling from him. He seems like such a great guy. He's been through a lot and seems to be a really deep person. I also LOVE the fact that he is doing something about kids being bullied since that hits close to home for me.
  11. Lighter makeup does wonders! I never understood why they kept putting the dark colors on the inner corners.
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