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  1. Happy Birthday ItsJustMe.!

  2. her voice sounds young, it sounds weird but she talks exactly like she used to 10 years ago. deep voiceney gone forever?
  3. Britney seems older because she was really young when she got really famous. so it seems like she's been around for decades now, yet she's only 32.
  4. Vegas of course. I remember how sad we were when we saw the Circus tour version for the first time, don't think we ever imagined her doing some of the original choreo ever again!
  5. maybe if you push enter? btw you can always watch on your computer, just click on 'angle' when it appears
  6. this one's great too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuxrwRWLCVs from the vegas era I reaaaaaally loved the e! news interview with Cat Sadler and the extra interview with Mario
  7. it's album and singles covers. you go from baby to the singles, oops to the singles etc.