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  1. It's the way her mouth is positioned if that makes sense. She seems annoyed and trying to not to show it too much.
  2. I think she will take time off, like a psuedo retirement and look to leave RCA, and then release an album when she's ready.
  3. He's full of so much fucking shit. Talking about he only wants her to perform when she's mentally, physically and emotionally invested into what she's doing. Ok dickhead if that was the case, explain Femme Fatale and Britney Jean? Clearly she didnt want to be there for FF press tour and BJ was not her original direction and when that changed she walked away from it as soon as she could. Explain how she was clearly over all this shit back in 2003 when she was getting ready to release ITZ but yet she still got that out there and did the promo for it and a tour, even when the cracks in the facade were starting to show. These are just 3 examples of her being made to work when she clearly needed time and now all of sudden that shit is hitting the fan he "cares" about her. He can kiss my whole asshole with that lip service. Trying to make it seem like she can never be great again without him or this conservatorship. It's all bullshit and she needs this team to go. Like now. They probably got along at one point in the past but she's clearly been hurt and they don't seem to care. She's his meal ticket and has been for all these years so he has some nerve being lowkey shady in this statement. Talking himself right out of paycheck that he doesn't deserve because he's not a great manager anymore. I do truly feel for her and her mental health needs to come first, point blank period but she's not going to get better with these looney toon ass handlers around her.
  4. That thank you to justin without saying his name always stuck with me, so sweet. Sad they couldn't make it work. Anyway that's a dope vinyl, love that its clear.
  5. This was interesting to watch. He says 3 women pop stars who have been in similar positions and are connected to her in some way, as well as her mom are coming to save the day. Which 3 pop stars could that be? Madonna, Janet and Mariah? Demi, Christina and Miley? Who knows... Also seems to be saying Lou fucked her dad or Larry (eww).
  6. I have a feeling that "Glory" will be the last Britney album that plays up to her past image as a pop star and that album 10 if she has her way will be a much deeper record. She has too much to say and I think part of her sadness is because she's silenced under this pop star image. So if my instincts are right her next album will be more freeing for her and hopefully turn the tide of public opinion back on her as a singer instead of on this mental illness she has.
  7. Yeah i get that but given she said it on the record and her team didn't retract it, I guess the author of the article feels it's enough to say she's admitted to having bipolar disorder.
  8. She offhandedly said it in the Britney Jean documentary on E!. She said something like "my bipolar... hello" when she was discussing her mental state being fragile at times in terms of anxiety and shyness but being able to perform (I think). It was so nonchalant that she could have been joking but she also may have been lowkey addressing it without making a fuss.
  9. Yeah but I'm also of the belief that the courts and her family shouldn't hold her blackout over her head especially because she hasn't done it again. If they're concerned about the kids she shouldn't have custody. And I know Kevin understands that which is also why I really doubt it's needed, he could always petition the court for full custody if she's dangerous. I have cousin who has 4 kids and is schizophrenic and she often falls off the meds because she doesn't feel right under them which makes sense. While those of us who don't take pills for mental health get to experience life without meds people who have disorders need the meds to "fit in" with society but they can feel the influence of the med which probably feels like being a passenger to ur own life. So I get why she may have stopped her meds and her team should have caught the signs that she wasnt happy with her cocktail and helped her get better before she skipped the pills if the conservatorship is truly doing its job. I think it would be best if they worked with her instead of alarming by being being reactive instead of being proactive (if that's how all this actually went down). All in all this is just such a shame. She's by all accounts one of the sweetest entertainers out there and she's way more talented than we know or she gets credit for and instead of being able to celebrate her 20th year of being famous we're sitting here concerned about her all because the people around her clearly did not do enough to protect her earlier in her career and she's feeling the effects of this neglect way later. We should be singing her new songs and gearing up for next album or tour not worried about her mental status and if she's ok.
  10. Am I the only one who finds it odd that Lynne didnt have any involvement in this arrangement? I can't imagine being divorced and seeing my very successful but clearly hurting daughter be placed under a conservatorship that's being run by a lawyer and my estranged and "formerly" alcoholic ex husband who has money management and health issues of his own. And then on top of that having no say in her health like I didnt carry her for 9 months or raise her for 15 or 16 year and not knowing for sure that my ex is telling the truth about my daughter and her state? This makes absolutely no sense. I'm also really questioning this whole arrangement on the fact that plenty of people have serious mental issues and are not placed under something like this. I know we don't know what disorder she has or what her symptoms are but if its bi-polar, personality disorder, or anxiety/depression I don't think those illnesses warrant this kind of legal measure. Now if she has schizophrenia or something like that then I can understand how she she can't function but how was she able to perform for all those years? The thing is she clearly is fighting to get out, and being restrained by the circumstances. She should be allowed to have a breakdown and recover on her own terms like most everyone else who has mental problems. Unless she's threatening someone else's life or her own I don't think 11 years of someone else having custody of your person is healthy. It's probably compounding her issues. But idk I'm not an expert.
  11. I've been lurking here for awhile now but felt the need to sign back in to comment on this particular post. The one thing that has been missing in the free britney saga is that we have not heard from many who worked with her or who are contemporary to her, like a Lady Gaga or a producer. Shit even Lance Bass hadn't said anything and he's exactly the kind of blast from the past who I'd expect to chime in at this point. That is until LaChappelle wrote his out his suspicions. I fully want her to be well and hope that she will take her time be happy once again but I FULLY DO NOT TRUST HER TEAM. I don't think they're operating in her best interests by suppressing her and then conveniently parading her around how they feel is best. Of course she can make a decision or two for herself, she can probably make more than a few and she definitely has agency over herself BUT her career is another story, her team gives her some freedoms, she writes from time to time and she makes some editorial decisions in terms of her videos but clearly she's been wanting to say more and they won't let her. LaChappelle doesnt need to insert himself into this so why would he? I think he's the start of more people speaking out about the abuses she's faced to be where she is today. Now LaChappelle is saying that he thinks her team at the label recut the footage without his knowledge (very unprofessional of them) and dropped it after news came out that she checked into the facility to distract people which is messy because they knew how much people wanted to see that from before but they choose to be sneaky and do something like this dangling her like a carrot (btw i knew from jump that was a terrible video but the principle stands). More industry insiders have definitely heard more about what's happening and probably have been told to not say anything or choose not to for privacy reasons but the lack of evidence is not the evidence of absence, something is definitely wrong and Britney deserves to be heard in her own voice on her own terms whenever she is ready to and again I hope for the best. But she needs a new team ASAP.
  12. Yeah I do feel like all celebs who have some sense have their public social media run by staff. When famous people completely run their own accounts thats when they get in trouble for saying off color things or posting embarrassing pictures. The social element is an extension of PR, she doesn't release her own statements to the press and we know her interviews go thru her team before they're released as well, what makes social any different? I work in advertising and studied public relations and that's why I feel like her's is run by her team in collaboration with her. You may not want to believe it but a majority of famous people who have a heavy social presence have teams working on it for them. Also i dont post here often so i know you wouldn't know but I'm faaaar from a Britney basher. I don't think she's stupid. She actually seems quite savvy to me, she's self aware, always has been. I don't get my hopes up about things and then when they don't happen start bitching. I have better things to waste energy on. I also didn't say i think the album is coming so soon. Next year probably at the start of her next residency, maybe just a guess.
  13. I do feel like the apple, flowers and other emojis mean something, not sure if it's album or new song related but they have to mean something, otherwise she could just go with no emoji. And as personal as her page seems and I'm 99% sure she has say on what goes up, she probably is not the final decision on her posts, she has to have a social media person on her team who manages the posts for her, and she should have a personal alias account that she uses for her personal social media use. This is another reason why I think the emojis mean something, its on her public page. What they mean who knows? It would be great if a reporter asked about that. And she has said she's in the studio, the pitbull song has been confirmed, she most likely has something of her own coming after that (like how she was a feature on s&s and then she dropped wb and bj the next year). This tour is just POM slightly revamped and on the road so theres no real need for a new single atm. I feel like a whole new album won't come until next year (jan 12, 2019 will be the 20th anniversary of the bomt album release so maybe around then which also happens to be when her next residency is to start).
  14. So many to pick from but I think I'd want Strangest Love, I think it's truly her best song period.
  15. At this point you have to start looking at her albums from different viewpoints. Femme Fatale is her best marketed album since ITZ and Circus, it was the last time we got a full campaign for her and the last album to drop 4 singles and had her best videos of the last 10 years. It's great production wise, but her vocals could have been better, songwriting also hasnt aged well, and it is the most impersonal in album she dropped, followed closely by BJ. Tho she looked to be hanging in there I feel like the promo sucked her energy and clearly she hasn't given a lot to promo since this album and tour for a reason. This album feels like a person who wants to keep the party going but it's after 4 AM but the bar is closing and people are just trying to go home, in other words its high energy but the energy does shows signs of slowing down. It's still great tho and I would put it at number 4 out of 9 albums, my number 1 overall is Blackout. Don't Keep Me Waiting is a hidden gem on this album and #InsideOutforSingle5 (i mean she still could release it if she wanted to). For albums with the best production I would rate this number 3 behind the debut and Oops tied for 2nd and ITZ at number 1. In terms of content, or song writing, I would rank FF number 5 behind Glory, B.O., ITZ and Britney. If BJ was allowed to be the album it was supposed to be I have a feeling that would have been her strongest written album. And in terms of vocals, because of the heavy use of computer trickery, I would rank this quite low, above BJ of course, probably number 8 of 9. Her best vocals are 1. OOPS 2. BOMT 3. Glory. And i know u didn't ask all of that but i just felt like sharing.