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  1. The optics of suing a fansite are not that great so my guess is they will actually settle in court and maybe Anthony may have to agree 1.sell the site to her team the site will stop publishing articles about britney 2. He will must agree to an nda saying he can't come forward with details about the case 3.he must refrain from making disparaging statements on the conservatorship and britney as long as she's under the conservatorship Just my 2 cents. Either way it doesn't look good for the site and I'm guessing he's being sued as a scare tactic to other blogs or podcasts that may want to discuss this. If her team doesn't get ahead of the public's opinion of her (and the way they're going about this lets me know they need an actual crisis PR team on the payroll ASAP) I honestly don't know how much more of a career she's going to have. I've never really thought she will retire until she was past 50 years old but now I don't see how she's not going to step away for some years at very least. Unless they let her truthfully and compellingly come forward about what's been going on nothing she does from this point will feel genuine in terms music.
  2. Right, I hear you. I don't think fans are to blame for any body insecurity she may be having, that's due to society and the entrainment industry's views on what looks good. I'm not saying this is a conspiracy though. I think it may be commentary from her without her having to be literal. Kinda like the Mary Magdalene post or the Janet Jackson Control photoshoot tribute. A lot of what she posts can be random so it's hard to tell but I think she may be saying more than we give her credit for at times. This one especially sticks out to me because the "mistake" is so obvious once you see it and she left it up even though she's been called out for it, that's odd to me so I think there's more to it.
  3. Does anyone think she edited the photo on purpose to prove a point about photoshopping and how you can't believe everything you see online? The photo is still up with the error so I think its intentional because a lot of people have called it out and it even made headlines. She's mentioned how photoshop distorts her image to the point where you can't tell what's real anymore a long time ago so I'm just curious if anyone else feels she's trying to make a statement.
  4. They'll just ask for the posts to come down and for Anthony to stop posting negative stories as truth without merit. It's just a blog not the nytimes. Don't worry yourself over it. I understand why he's suing or threatening to sue on one level but I gotta be honest it does not leave a good taste in my mouth for them to come down on fans this way. With all the negative publicity she's faced over the years it just seems odd that they want to react to this. But again I'm not her team and I don't think I'll ever fully understand their logic.
  5. ??? Not to be that person... But to be that person... Does this mean anything? Is she just googling and posting? Is she hinting at something? Is this a shot at someone? Is she trying to have a genius video where she explains a song she wrote? We may never know....
  6. Very much agreed but she's in a business where bawdy is everything and she's come up thinking like this her whole life most likely. It's ashame but she's not the only one. What this says to me is that she wants to get back to performing soon since that's usually when she starts to go full in in the gym. Anyway like I've been saying I hope she can be fully happy and healthy soon.
  7. That's amazing! I don't wish bad on people but this guy literally represents some of the worst kind of people in Hollywood, along with rapists and drug pushers who prey on the highly addicted so he can go fuck off somewhere.
  8. I think she wore veneers. She's mentioned having a retainer in the past, maybe she stopped using it.
  9. What matters is where she's at now. Sam Lufti or whoever sent this your way is thinking that this will win him favor by showing that she was under duress and being manipulated but that's not how I would view it. I would totally question where this letter came from. This reads like a written statement where she was told to write in the 3rd person (she broke that somewhere in the middle when she says "I was shocked..." Anyway point is we know she was in a bad state back then and we can see this arraignment has appeared to help. This does not add the reasons why it should be lifted. If anything it's confusing an already confusing situation. I again just really feel bad for her, I don't have much else to say but I hope she gets what she wants and deserves. And fuck Sam Lufti.
  10. People are fucking stupid. I have my opinions on the situation from what her team has allowed us to see and from her behavior online. 1. Duh she posts her own stuff and double duh she has access to her phone and the internet 2. Of course her team posts on her behalf from time to time that's usually when she is sponsored or promoting something about work that's what her social team is paid to do 3. I don't dare post on her IG page complaining about her team because as much as I don't get it, and don't agree with their methods and think they've failed her miserably a lot in the past (hello Britney Jean era) I DON'T CUT THEIR CHECKS and who she and her father and her label hires and fires is up to them always has been, always will be no matter what fan movement may be going on ATM. 4. As much of a fan as I am of her's there's better things to get that worked up about and to be real things haven't been perfect since 2001 or 2003 depending on your view of her career. Though the present situation is mentally tasking for fans, there's been let downs before and this is truly her personal business so what can you do? I say we'll just have to get comfortable not knowing what's truly happening. If that bothers people, they can always go stan someone else.
  11. See the thing with AB is she's not in the spotlight like Britney and that added spotlight is definitely adding stress. School is one thing. But continued fame and major success? Not the same boat. It doesn't make any sense.
  12. Right but what I'm getting at is she is supposed to be so mentally fragile that she can't make her own business decisions or other serious matters. But she can perform? Most conservatorships are for people who are suffering from dementia or have had stroke and have loss functionality. She has a mental disorder (I'm assuming bi-polar or borderline personality disorder) and otherwise seems competent. She just has swings and she fell off her meds like a lot of people with mental disorders do. Why does she need a formal legal arrangement like this in place? I'm just not here for mental disorder being the cause for the conservatorship. Same thing for Amanda Bynes too. And again I wonder if they ever plan to let her off of it or is the status quo good enough. When her parents die, who is supposed to look out for her? Will she ever be granted autonomy. She's so young and so successful it's really sad to think that she cannot function without this and once this changes they're basically saying she won't make it.
  13. The only thing that's jumping out at me is maybe she wants permanent residence in Lousiana and Hawaii so they need the conservatorship to cover in those states. As stated though when she's ready to contest the conservatorship she's going to have to dissolve in all the states. I honestly don't get it. She can't be that mentally unstable that she needs all of this. There's no way because how was she able to perform. Her team has never addressed that and it's the biggest question surrounding this and the reason why there's cause for suspicion. Amanda Bynes is also under a conservatorship but she's not really working and is instead in school. This is complicated.
  14. It's the way her mouth is positioned if that makes sense. She seems annoyed and trying to not to show it too much.
  15. I think she will take time off, like a psuedo retirement and look to leave RCA, and then release an album when she's ready.
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