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  1. I saw Hustlers. It was really good. They paid tribute to Britney in one of the montages by having the girls dance at the club to "Gimme More". I noticed that during this scene all the strippers were in some form of black or silver sparkling outfits so I think it was meant to be a slight callback to the VMA performance but it was a nice scene and it was funny to hear J.Lo's character say "Oh my god I love Britney!" since she's shown Britney love in real life. And if makes anyone here feel better during these hard times as a Britney fan, a number of people in the theater also said "yes l love this song" and they weren't being sarcastic.
  2. That UK interview and how they literally got an interview with Carson Daly cancelled after she started her "comeback" in 2008 because they wanted all his footage to edit the interview themselves (and he rightfully refused because he was insulted that they assumed he was going to try to make her look bad) are huge red flags. I get her privacy is an issue and celebrities have their interviews screened by press teams, but still what the hell was that? They never explained those instances and they know they overstepped in those two instances but no one ever checked them. They hope you forget things like that.
  3. It just looks bad. I don't know if a full blown retirement is in the cards but this really hurts her brand. I get what you mean by veil of secrecy. There's just a lot of oddities that are not being explained. How is she mentally ill enough to warrant an arraignment like this but at the same time able to function enough for 3 albums, 1 tour and a Vegas residency? The good thing about today versus 20 years ago is that the conversation about mental health has grown so more people understand that people with mental illness can function and don't need to be stigmatized or cast of from society. I think it's very powerful that she has been able to continue on in her career while facing whatever illnesses she's facing. I just wish they would let her speak on it. Let her own it. She's a public figure not a Joe Schmo. She doesn't have to reveal its "abc' disease or anything like that IF SHE DOESN'T WANT TO but like for real how does she feel about the conservatorship, does she actually want to keep her condition private, how does she feel about performing over the last 10 years while fighting her illness? It just feels like we've been able to see her but we can't hear her. I know she has said she's aware her situation is unique and she's strong and she's dealing with it which is great and despite what people think she's probably not as controlled as it seems but something still feels odd, something is missing.
  4. That is so weird and eerie TBH. That's all I'll say, I don't want to entertain any conspiracies. This is just all very strange but that's horrible that he passed so suddenly.
  5. She has got to be so over with her dad and everything that he has put her through and livid that he broke down a door and shook her son, for what? There's no reason to do anything like that. I wonder what the courts will do? They can't immediately end the c-ship but I do feel like they can immediately remove him from it, that's the least they can do for now. Of course the records will be sealed so we won't get much more confirmed info from this.
  6. I doubt anything is coming. She probably just wanted brown hair again so she can stop touching up her roots for a bit.
  7. Yes, you hit the nail on the head. We're not doing anything wrong by being upset by this situation. The people who are doing the most in her comments are not helping and those people probably are not real fans, they're just trying to create more drama out of hate. If things appear to get worse a lot of people will just walk away because from an ethical standpoint it's all too ambiguous to just assume everything is alright. We've seen too many examples of other pop stars and entertainers being forced into situations in this business and it never works out great for them. Her situation is very unique from the others but force is force and it's wrong.
  8. Well I think you might be misinterpreting my comments in some way. But I agree to an extent. And everyone's entitled to speak their minds so that's that I guess.
  9. Well the whole part about the finances is a bit of a moot point. No celebrity is a certified accountant so none of them handle their finances they hire people for that but the fact that she has to report the number of times she's gone to target or Starbucks to the courts seems weird. Its her money, the only things the courts should care about is her taxes and child support plus any stocks but that's about it. And course we don't know her day to day but its not that hard to imagine she doesn't do much and it's not clear if that's because of the situation or because she wants it that way. I hear your trepidation, you're always concerned about her privacy which totally makes sense. That being said her team should address some of the speculation so that the unease can cease a bit. They don't have to reveal her disease or her current prognosis but I think a truthful interview about why they believe she needs the conservatorship would be helpful and maybe she should be allowed to honestly say how she feels about it without being censored like she was when she brought it up on that talk show in England. That might help. Until then people will speculate until they don't care anymore.
  10. I'm not apart of the hashtag (too many mean people are apart of it) but the point is she shouldn't want that for herself. Why would she want to keep parts of it? She's not a child and shouldn't want to be treated as one in any aspect just because things are are difficult. Assuming its to keep ill intented people away from her, she needs a good team that commands respect to watch out for her but not a formal conservatorship. It's sad that her whole life she has been answering to other people left and right to the point where it feels like she doesn't get a true say.
  11. This is just sick and crazy out of the ordinary. Her rights were trampled on when she got into the conservatorship because she was spiraling and now they're trying to extend and expand it for whatever reason. I know it supposedly saved her but its like saying a person with a mental illness is not a full person. I just can't believe no one else has tried to intervene. Is the conservatorship so powerful that no one with a good heart could have tried to investigate it earlier? Is she really surrounded by that many coldblooded people? Idk it just doesn't feel right. It feels like court sanctioned abuse.
  12. Yeah very unfortunate. She's in such a tough spot. 1. The way her team is going about this is literally trash. It makes it so that people have lost faith in her. And I don't mean like she's a lost cause I mean like as in the GP and fans don't really know what to believe or what to trust because the message has not been communicated properly. We don't know what her image is supposed to be, what's her POV? Since they're soo secretive and filtered about everything it leaves room for people to speculate that everything is being posted by her team without her say. I know that's not true but I am also a big fan. To a casual fan or a non fan those people have no idea what's really real at all and we are living in a time where everything is so shitty so no one sees things through rose colored glasses anymore. 2. Since she has not been working her social media is her only outlet to express herself and she is clearly trying to come off as relatable but then at the same time she is filtered so it comes across confusing. She is not a social media influencer and people are very critical of just about everything since they're looking for perfection which we will not get anymore. 3. She probably doesn't really know where she stands with her fans or where her career is and people are gross so this is painful I'm sure and it's shaken her already shaken self confidence. This appears to be the longest she's gone without working since 04 when she got married and pregnant and unlike last time she's clearly not comfortable because the reason for the break is outside of her. This is not like a vacation where she gets to veg out for awhile and then get back to work. My suspicion is she's put herself in a pseudo-retirement because she wants resolution on the conservatorship and she won't get that if she keeps working so even though she may truly want to get back to performing, she shouldn't. All that being said she's clearly trying to remain strong and trying to remain relevant the best way she can right now and this all must be torture so again as I always say, I wish her the best. But she seriously may need to take a break from posting so much and give people enough time to move past the drama that is this year. And I hope she hires a new team soon because this is just getting ridiculous. She is a pop legend and shouldn't be going down like this.
  13. I think the very earliest may be late 2020. I would be surprised if it happens earlier than that. I'd hope that she gets a new team and a new direction before she seriously approaches anything. But like others have said she needs to work out her personal issues and if she's actually trying to move out of the conservatorship or change the arrangement in any way it will be a court battle if there's true opposition from her father and his team so that will take years to be over. My thought is that she won't be fully out of the conservatorship until she's 40 years old so we could be waiting another 3 to 4 years.
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