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  1. Give Britney a break and give yourselves a break from Britney. No offense to her AT ALL but there's literally nothing to see and no new news about her music or whatever else she could be doing. At this point it's whatever. People shouldn't be mean to her or her team obviously but if you're as suspicious about everything as I am, the best thing you can do is not engage with her social. I have also been avoiding streaming her as much as I used to because the more I think about I'm just not comfortable supporting the thing's she's done under the C-Ship. She's on hiatus now so until they do the right thing and release a formal statement on what's been going on with there's not much else that can be said or done from my POV.
  2. He's 13 so I won't hold anything against him. He's a teen who is upset that his mom is suffering in some way and he feels like he had to speak on it because no one else is. He's not bound up to silence like the rest of the team or her family because he's a kid so he said what he felt like he had to and I think he's way smart and knew what he said was gonna push a button or two and he's probably in big trouble at home for going against everything by speaking up but again it was on his heart and he wanted to he heard. It's a shame grown ass adults wanted to engage with him and try to get Britney info out of him out of desperation. At this point as a fan base I think most logically fans will just have to accept things are out of her control, she's trying to get some control back but also she is not the same anymore due to the mental condition she has, her mental issues are for her to work through on her own, her career as great as it is will have to be put on the back burner while she works through everything, the conservatorship is not ending overnight. Leave her and her son and the rest of her family and team alone. Nothing that anyone on line can say is going to change anything.
  3. Awesome. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about here.
  4. That's interesting. I'm not sure about why they would end Mariah unless it was seeing poor sales. I wouldn't blame them for wanting to walk away from Britney now since its getting hot in the press with #freebritney movement. Its not great from a PR perspective to keep working with her if she's on hiatus and going through the legal maneuverings of her conservatorship. If this is true maybe they'll revisit her line somewhere in the future if and once everything settles.
  5. Well yes but saying its permanent is more or less semantics. The article says she's under the c-ship indefinitely so essentially it's a lifetime arraignment BUT since she can petition the court at anytime its not really permanent. But I guess that's how all these arraignments work idk. Depressing. It doesn't have to be this way.
  6. I don't think it was ever permanent for her since she's not terminal or very old, it's just that she didn't have a date. Hence her comment in FTR when she said when your in prison at least you know when or if you're supposed to get out but with her situation it was never clear.
  7. I truly wonder if the song he keeps seeing her release is going to be leaked by her. And I wish he could predict timing, he's been saying she's got a song for a long time now. Also I feel like the JT thing would be such a huge stretch though he does have an album coming out so its "possible". I feel like the person she had the falling out with who will come back is more likely Christina and that she along with Cher and another big deal woman entertainer are going to be the ones to speak up for her and draw public attention to her situation. As far as sam goes he's cute and I'm sure he lays good pipe but I don't see them lasting. They will most likely end amicably but she's got to look out for herself and if that means using him in some way to get out because that's how the situation is playing out then so be it.
  8. Popped back in here to say I hope this situation starts to move more in her desired direction this year. I think it would be fitting if she is able to do the superbowl in 2021 when its in Vegas. It would be perfect if she had one last big blow out showstopper performance at the SB and then bowed out of performing on that big of level afterwards.
  9. ....where they explained their absence and their position on #freebritney. I'm not linking it here but you can find it where you find podcasts. Essentially they caught flack from whatever they said in their previous episode and people were nasty so T.Kyle bit back and MuuMuse was hurt and panicked or whatnot. Not to discoun their experience cuz I'm sure it sucks but these two are in the biz so I think they should have saw it coming. Anyway.... Their position is that they can't support the movement because there's not enough proof and they felt icky speculating on her personal life after she and her sister dropped their posts asking to be left alone (in two very different ways). They believe she does have a mental disorder and they also cautioned that sometimes people with mental disorders (like Kanye and his Bi-polar diagnosis) are sometimes unreliable narrators. Not sure how else to say it but basically sometimes they want to come off their meds even tho it's not right for them to do so and their mania has them feeling like they are good but they're not but they'll say and do whatever to convince people they're fine. So without claiming she has the same issue they basically allude to believing that this is most likely what happened with Britney earlier this year and could be why she was forced or decided to go into treatment. Also they made a point to call out that people should stop saying she can't be sick because she's able to perform because people with mental issues are usually able to snap into work mode without actually being healthy. Lastly, they basically say that she is taking time to live her life that she never has gotten to live since she has been working since a kid, so it's best we as fans back off. They also said since she has access to her IG she should be able to post a live video and if she really wanted to communicate with her fans about what's really going on she could just post a random video in the middle of the night telling her truth before her team could delete it so clearly she's cool with some aspect of the secrecy and mystery surrounding her. They finish with reiterating they don't fully believe in the conspiracies but that if this is an abusive situation with all these people in on it (which they doubt) and she's not ok with her arraignment it would be the scandal of the century and totally evil. I mostly agree with them though I think they're gonna catch more shit for how they said what they said. All that being said, I as a fan have come to a decision (that I actually came to last night after looking at her most recent post of her time in Malibu but was solidified with this podcast) I cannot really stan anymore because none of this makes sense. My instincts tell me something is wrong, she's hurting and trying to heal. But she's going to be in this situation for a long time. I don't particularly have good feelings about it though I'm hopeful she will get better. It sucks cuz I been riding with her since I was 11 in 1999 and I can see her potential and I know she's better than this but for now I'll move forward as if she's retired. I kinda can't even listen to her music at the moment because it was feels tainted.
  10. He also said he sees her working on music or something se and maybe trying to make a song or something else with a double meaning that will go over Jamie's head becuse she will use a character but everyone else will get the message.
  11. Sheez. The business is rough. I saw a tarot reader video on youtube (who is not antphrodite but I can't remember her name sorry) and she was picking up in the cards that the label does not have a lot of confidence in her and they don't allow her to use her full voice, like they manipulate her to a range that's not her true range (true fans know this already but this woman was not a fan so I think that says something). I interpreted that to mean the label makes most of the decisions for her songs because they feel her true voice which they dont like will not sell well and she goes along with it because she's over fighting them. So that interpretation, add in what we know of the multiple music video concept changes out of her control, I'm actually going to say the label was referring to HER not him. If they didn't trust him they wouldn't have hired him. While the label doesn't pay her to make the video (they pay the directors and production team and they do have to assign a budget to her music video) and if they felt like it was going to be a disaster they wouldn't be inclined to give it higher budget. That being said this may be just one asshole's opinion who was the person who cuts the check so it mattered but other people involver felt like it was going to be a success which is why the video went forward. Who knows? But it was Khan and Britney's last great video to date so it worked out. I hope they can work together again in the future because he knows how to style and film her...regardless of the perfume disaster it was always clear to me Khan has a problem with her label and not her (and most likely for the reason above).
  12. If Jaime did that he's truly terrible and all shady shit does eventually see the light so that will come back to him.
  13. Again agreed. They only way she was on the verge of dying is if she was suicidal which you wouldn't be able to gather from a rehearsal video. She's looks healthy and is not abusing any hard drugs from what I can tell so what else could it be besides that? Oh I know...not a damn thing because she was never on the verge of dying. Her over dramatic ass team can suck it.
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