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  1. Are you trying to say that the demo leak will hurt her reputation so you're expecting her to do something else? If so what are you thinking she's going to do?
  2. Nah. If she's 3 months now she's gonna be 6 months or so by the show. If Cardi B can do it she can too considering her dance routines are not as complicated anymore. That being said I dont actually think its true because she's so tiny now that even at 3 months she would show a little bump and i didn't see one in her last IG video. Well wait and see.
  3. After the fallout with lachappelle, i dont think her team nor randee had enough time or budget to re-do the shoot unfortunately. Its more than just make up and hair, they needed to get new outfits scout a location and secure the crew plus and then edit. The "shoot" for the Glory isnt horrible, they should have chosen a better shot for the cover. I just hope for the next album she does something else. The Britney shoot was great cuz it was experimental, maybe something along those lines.
  4. Funny about her is that 90% of her best stuff never made it as a single. I really want them to revisit her non singles and package them as a greatest tracks album. I wonder if they did that which song would be singles. In my mind that album would be called "Going Deep" (a reference to Janet) and the album would be -BTMYH (US version only) -DGKOMD -LMB -BOM -TOMH -Shadow -GN(IGAP) -Heaven on Earth -KTL -Inside Out -UY -the remix of MATM -Shattered Glass -L&L -Alien -Dont Cry -LMD -Better And of those my favorite is probably TOMH and it would be the first single of the set with a dope ass music video.
  5. Yeah but just the same as he's arguing for money because he needs it to raise them she can also try to argue he doesnt have the means to support them. I don't think custody will remain 50/50. Maybe he'll only have them when she's on tour or something.
  6. I feel like once the c-ship is over she's going to fight for full physical custody since she's providing the monetary support. He will get visitation and the boys will be allowed to stay over but to me it wouldn't make sense to split custody 50/50 if she's no longer deemed unstable.
  7. If you read the comments he brought up a good point, he thinks she can get better sales if she switches formats and moves away from pop/electro and goes toward adult contemporary. That would mean a complete overhaul of her sounds and performance style. Will she ever do that? Not sure but I do think she's inching toward a change soon, Glory was not as dancepop as femme fatale and it clear she attempted a more mature sound on britney jean before the label came in and made it be more dance then it was supposed to be.
  8. Britney shot "overprotected" in the same hotel that janet shot "son of a gun". It's not really copying if the location is the only similarity. And i do not like Taylor but i cant get mad about this.
  9. I thought they meant she did a cover of "Poison" by BellBivDevoe, but no it was just another word for Toxic.
  10. She will probably get more fillers once she has a professional shoot to do. I think her face changed because she lost a lot of fat in her body. Mainly her cheeks dont seem as full. Lastly; i think she was using veneers back in the day because her teeth seem to have changed shape but maybe its just that she might need a retainer or something because she does a have a little gap. But all of this doesnt matter. What does is that she seems happy and healthier then she's been in a long time.
  11. I live! If only I could do that at work whenever my boss asks me to do something I don't want to do.
  12. He co-wrote and does backing vocals. Because he doesn't have a verse he gets no feature credit but was credited in the liner notes. Btw I believe she did backing vocals for Nsync on the song "Celebrity" but she was not credited.
  13. He's going to keep asking for increases until the boys are 18 or she makes less money. All child support cases go like this. I wonder if he's asked for more in alimony?