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  1. I think she should start out with a Glory track or what the 2nd single will be then go into Make Me! I want Make Me to be the main focus I still think it can be bigger it just needs a big push & the VMAs is perfect.. I hope they don't give up on it just yet ... It's steady on iTunes and radio seems to be picking up to on certain formats
  2. This FB will seriously find anything to bitch about its really astounding to say the least ... The funny thing is they probably believe Britney is really gonna change the cover of HER album LOL
  3. Brit pays they asses meaning she has the final say however they can highly suggest things but if she doesn't give the OK ... They can't do anything ... I kinda don't believe this rumor. Could it be that someone's using it against us because they know how upset we was with the BJ era vids edits?
  4. The song would have been out for 6 wks by time the VMAs come ... That would be a disaster & cause the whole era to flop
  5. So true ... I thought they would drop everything at once
  6. I purchased my on iTunes however to listen to the song ... I go to the top tracks section to play it ... So it'll count as a stream! I haven't used Spotify since Apple Music tried downloading to stream on there also but couldn't figure out how to work the damn thing LOL
  7. Yea his verse related to the song as it should have! I hate when rappers are FT on a song and they're rap has totally nothing to do with the song ... Nicki does do that a lot too .. She loves to talk about herself LOL
  8. I actually liked that his part wasn't really short
  9. IKR! I like his part better than Nickis on TTWE remix & Sabi we not even gonna get on that girl lol
  10. Hopefully before the wk ends ... I would love if Brit could get a 3rd no1 debut and tie Mariah for most no1 debuts ... Tho her and MC already have the most debuts but MMO deserves to go huge after BJ and Ugly Girls lol
  11. I know you all was worried about him being new and being FT on Brit lead single but he actually brings something to the table! I love his verse it relates to the song & this is her best song with a rapper excluding Boom Boom & T.I verse on TTB (awful song but he went in)
  12. Sometime this month & hopefully they both debut at the same time!
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