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    Happy Birthday Tails!

  2. I looked this over expecting a spambot. I wouldn't have any clue, but maybe one of the thousands of diehard fans here could help you.
  3. Islam is much more a race then just a religion, as it's more confined to a area then Christianity. Though, if you said something against Christianity, such as they are mass murders (which is more accurate then saying that for Muslims), I would still of kicked it out of the thread. Radicalism is a thing in every religion, for example, Hitler's extermination of Jewish peoples was based upon Christianity, and radicalized. I don't see people saying, then or now, that Christians thus should not be let into countries, even though Christian radicals have caused far more damage then Muslim ones. If you have a issue with me kicking it out, you're welcome to PM me. I don't usually handle content moderation as the systems op/admin but this was rather evident.
  4. Racism nuked & thread cleaned. Let's not make this about religion.
  5. I havn't particularly played it. I am, however, the tech at a gaming-focused forum where 13-14 year olds rant about this game all day(Though it comes nowhere near close to the crap I see here...congrats?). I can get you in touch with them if you want.
  6. I do not know what either of those things are.
  7. Conveniently i will probably be dead in 50 years. I will, however, laugh as all current artists slowly fade into irrelevance, and you all will be like me with my Freddie mercury sig with a bunch of people into newer music.
  8. Content moderation isn't my job, i'm only responding to reports that are urgent. Report is still open for a moderator to come sort it.
  9. Keep it civil. Apparently all the mods are on vacation tonight, gaah.
  10. your beloved owner is a admin on said website, and this guy is a tech there. I'll also leave this one to the mods :notmyjob: , but let's keep it civil.
  11. >not a girl >therefor can't particularly care. But yeah, I would raise suspicion with the free domain
  12. Not important enough for me to get involved, :notmyjob: Leaving this to the mods
  13. No idea, the domain is a subdomain of a hosting company (http://in.net) so I can't run my usual whois checks to see how legit the company is Then again, I don't know what ugg boots are nor do i really care :shrug:
  14. Work prevents me from drawing on my arm in sharpie (sorry), but it is a good cause.
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