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  1. RT @KeshaRose: I'm a rainbow 💕✨🌈✨💕 📸 @twittorio https://t.co/RJk5q8AbWA

  2. RT @AvrilLavigne: https://t.co/jPqPsmjKPL

  3. RT @Toxicboyskinny: 2018 is wild omg we stan https://t.co/Z1KIwspyUl

  4. RT @circusworld21bz: There was a time where no one thought this would happen. When Britney first announce her residency a lot of people lau…

  5. RT @Ahmir__: drake: *drops something mediocre* all of twitter: https://t.co/marnxdbEuI

  6. RT @Sarahchadwickk: Just to clarify, that’s Brittany Spears in the picture, LMAOOOO https://t.co/6AMIZ0X4Pz

  7. RT @MisterIconic: Britney was OVER the criticism on her sexy image. She went OFF ?? https://t.co/vzHPalgBHt

  8. RT @KouderDuck: Nestle lawyers argued in court that water is NOT basic human right and that it should be privatized and sold and it would b…

  9. RT @codyspearz: Britney Spears is really out here slaying and being iconic 20 years in the game. Y’all need to put some respect on her name…

  10. RT @emailmypussy: https://t.co/cRctfeWCwr

  11. RT @GodneyIsBritney: GUYS OMG. TWITTER HAS HAD ENOUGH!!! https://t.co/fz6eb11iJl

  12. RT @musicnewsfact: [email protected] & an American Idol contestant hilariously bond over the term 'wig' leaving the other judges clueless. ? http…

  13. RT @JohnTheFame: Me realizing I have to make it from Monday through Friday again https://t.co/n9w6LJXoGx

  14. RT @GodneyIsBritney: R.I.P to the Make Me choreography that should have been https://t.co/YwZ979eGqH

  15. RT @AMAZlNGNATURE: In case you never heard a lynx meowing https://t.co/P1Q3Psaobr

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