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  1. But she has no phone asked the judge for an iPhone and they said no She looks SO beautiful, and most of all GENUINELY happy.
  2. Even though I think Britney Jean gets too much hate, leave her albums as they are and let her make something new.
  3. Right! Seeing her smile and laugh is so refreshing after reading all this horrible shit all over the net. And I love her direct shut down of Larry.
  4. This video is SO adorable! Glad to see her so happy and talkative. https://www.tmz.com/2019/05/17/britney-spears-performing-soon-boyfriend-free-britney/
  5. Wow that's definitely too far and something I would have expected to see on TMZ not people. Absolutely disgusting to bring her minor children into this bullshit.
  6. She's glowing! These are beautiful pictures. So happy to see a genuine smile on her face.
  7. I wouldn't blame her if she's tired, but she's just driving her car. I don't expect to see her happy, smiling, laughing, etc. you know?
  8. True but people are forgetting these facts and making it seem as if Britney has been this "prisoner" for 11 years without a phone and access to the internet or able to drive or whatever other nonsense they're saying. I don't think these things are "freedoms" that Britney has ever been without. MAYBE in 2008, when things were completely out of control and she needed structure, but now? Nah. I don't believe it. And I completely agree with you about "sources". It's all made up bullshit meant to invoke reactions from people. Until a source is named, I don't believe anything that has "sources" in the article. I also think IF "sources" are true and talking to these publications they need to be exposed for what they're allegedly telling the public about Britney's PRIVATE mental health issues.
  9. Yeah, the reason I believe that Britney does have access to the internet is because of those prank videos too. They speak like they know it's going to be posted online, and I think they would question why "grandpa" or someone from her team was posting it instead of their mom since it's their mom's phone. And there were times where Britney said the boys will tell her what SHE can and can't post online.
  10. I think the stuff about Britney not having access to the internet is sensationalized to make her situation seem more grim than it is. We've seen Britney countless times with HER phone. There's videos of her boys saying "I took MOM'S phone", her team might be able to pay others around her to create a fantasy that Britney has a phone when she doesn't, but they wouldn't be able to do it with her kids. So, I believe Britney has a phone, access to the internet, and is sending messages out that she knows her fans will pick up on but not necessarily her team. And when her team does find out, deleting these posts will only make them look MORE guilty.
  11. While I do think the video is old, I think the song has been dubbed over (she's not really in sync with the music) thus sending a message in typical Britney fashion. And even if the song wasn't dubbed and it IS old, the lyrics speak volumes to her current situation. Here's the older video this was likely from the same day.
  12. Love it and she's definitely sending a message with her song choice. Look up the lyrics for scream by Michael/Janet Jackson.
  13. I 100% believe she will perform again but on HER terms. Whether that means out of the conservatorship or a new situation where her mental health is managed but she's still allowed to do what she wants, is yet to be seen.