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  1. I will always love her as a blonde, and I like this blonde. It's not so bleached out, it suits her and she looks great! Love the caption, girlfriend ain't playing anymore.
  2. Beautiful photo and I love her personal captions ♥️
  3. This is true but they still have only done BOMT twice as far as I remember, the 5k limited pink and the second clear. As for Blackout being sold out right now, if anyone hasn't preordered yet keep checking back because I thought I missed ITZ because it said sold out but I checked back later in the day (the day it was released) and was able to secure a copy.
  4. You can now pre-order the Blackout vinyl from Urban Outfitters https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-blackout-limited-lp2
  5. Must be an old one since she's blonde here but brunette in the other.
  6. They're really cute together, and she looks so happy. All I ever wanna see.
  7. 100% agree with them and hate how the freebritney lunatics silenced them. All sides need to be heard, including sides that DONT support their insane narratives. There was a moment earlier this year where I felt like you felt, but at the end the day I can't and won't let speculation and rumors dictate how I feel about Britney and her situation. Do I think something isn't right and there's more to the story than ANY of us know? Yes, absolutely, but I don't feel right deep diving into her personal life when Britney has been screaming since before the conservatorship that she wants a private life. This is Britney's battle to fight if she truly wants out, and I will continue to and always support her in whatever way, I, as a fan, see fit. I'm also curious what about her last Maui post made you decide to stop stanning since that's literally the realest and most personal she's been on social media in forever. It reminded me so much of the letters she used to write on her website back in the day, and gave a little reassurance that the Britney we all know and love is still in there and that she's slowly finding herself again.
  8. Yes, I agree with you! When I mentioned how it damages Britney's reputation, I wasn't speaking it as literally part of Jamie's lawsuit, just as how Anthony's claim could, potentially, damage her reputation. I don't think Jamie is even suing on behalf of Britney about this and only for himself, which I still see no problem with regardless of how I feel about Jamie on personal level. On a business and professional level, what Anthony did was wrong and illegal and Jamie can and should make a lesson out of this. Even if Jamie loses/they settle/etc, this whole situation is a lesson that people can't just say whatever they want without consequence.
  9. Yes but that's the point, promoting the narrative that Britney doesn't control her social media (them deleting comments) promotes the narrative that she's too "fragile" to handle anything.
  10. It supports the narrative that Britney is so incapacitated that she can't even use her own social media, which can not only damage her reputation in the eyes of the public, but for any brand deals that would require a social media post, etc. We've always known it's both Britney and her team posting on her social media, it's very obvious what is authentically Britney and what is concocted by her team. I don't really care about that, she wouldn't be the first or last, but as a fansite, to promote the narrative that poor prisoner Britney doesn't have access to a phone/social media is harmful to both parties involved.
  11. I'm sure Lynne and/or Fe has told him things that he's "confirmed" but this is specifically about the Instagram comments, where even if Lynne was the "confirmation" that comments were deleted, she was wrong and no comments were actually being deleted thus Anthony is in the wrong for confirming false information that harms Britney and Jamie's reputations.
  12. The difference is tabloids claim sources tell them things and they're not claiming to have direct knowledge and what they publish is 100% the facts. Anthony claimed his lies, that damaged Britney's reputation as much as Jamie's, were 100% confirmed truths.
  13. They're very reminiscent of the letters she used to write to us on her site. It's the same thing except with modern day social media technology!
  14. She looks great and I love that she's getting real and personal in her IG captions. Ain't no body gonna convince me this is anyone other than Britney posting!
  15. Antphrodite did another reading on Britney and the conservatorship, I'll post the takeaways since it's half an hour. Sorry this is so long, LOL. - Still thinks it's about abuse of power and not money, he thinks somewhere along the way Jamie became jaded. That he's almost paranoid when it comes to protecting Britney. - Thinks he wants to hand it off to someone else that he chooses (Jodi?) and when it's handed off they'll slowly wean her off of it altogether. - He thinks Jamie does, eventually, want the conservatorship to end. - Thinks Jamie is afraid of people trying to get to Britney and use her for her money. Thinks she's still a little naive girl that will allow it to happen. He's convinced, you can't change his mind. He's almost delusional about it and has lost touch with reality. - She's not naive but he thinks she is. "She's gotta grow up and he's gotta let her." Thinks Jamie believes one set back will reverse Britney's progress. - Says Jamie needs to find someone to hand the conservatorship off to or "crazy stuff" will happen. I think he's already done that with Jodi. - Sees legal things in his future that won't go his way. Said if they can't get him off the conservatorship he might be sued for past things. People that will sue him are allegedly people that aren't afraid to go down with him. - He sees someone going directly for Jamie and the female from his last reading that he had a weird relationship with. We concluded last time that was Lou, so someone (possibly Lynne) is going to try and take them both down and doesn't care if she goes down with them. - Says Jamie Lynne will give some information and Lynne will be the catalyst for it. - Says the conservatorships current fear is her relationship ending and Britney "going south" aka spiraling. - Thinks Jamie doesn't trust Sam despite telling people he does. - Sees Sam making money on his own and meeting expectations, but he thinks that Jamie is going to try and sabotage it to prove that Britney isn't healthy. - Constantly questions where Britney is in her reading because it's always about the people around her "they don't let her think for herself" - "Good news is Britney's chilling" even though it's Ground Hog's day for her, she's not upset and freaking out, she's used to it. - Jamie's pride gets the best of him and he will be embarrassed and humiliated and people around him won't feel bad for him. - Asks if Jamie had substance abuse problems, we know he has. - "The main goal was to save Britney, you saved her, move on" - Questions if they'll try to marry her off, they did this before with Jason. - Says Britney is working on music behind the scenes, writing or composing. Dying to work with someone else and wants to, might already be doing so. May be trying to go behind Jamie's back with it. Might be trying to collab with someone to come up with a song or something else that will have a double meaning. Thinks this is related to the song he spoke about in the first video. "Has potential to be the biggest thing in her career" - Praises Britney's talent as a song writer and pianist. You can tell this guy is a fan. - Thinks Britney feels desensitized, creatively stifled, wants a way out, but the good news is "she's still in there" - Sees an ex coming forward to say something in defense of Britney. He thinks it could be Jason and related to what he said about people not caring if they go down with Jamie anymore. Since all her exes sign NDA's. - He doesn't see any foul play with the sudden death of Britney's doctor, but he thinks there was something wrong with the doctor but not because of Britney, because of someone else. "Looks like a self screw up to me"
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