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  1. Like, we all know how scummy and money hungry Kevin is, but everything that comes out about the way Britney and Kevin co-parent leads me to believe he wouldn't be vindictive towards the kids/Britney if they really wanted to see each other.
  2. I agree. Now that he's not in the picture, it should be easier for her to slowly get her time back again. I also think that just because it says on court paper that she sees them such and such days for such and such hours, doesn't necessarily mean that's the agreement between them too, you know? Like her kids are old enough to say "I wanna see mom" and I doubt that Kevin is gonna be like nope, sorry it's not her day.
  3. I'm really glad she's getting the chance to still see the kids during this time, and hopefully even more now that restrictions are starting to ease back up. I was wondering if she saw them at all during Mother's Day, and it seems like she did. Good for her!
  4. That's EXACTLY why they're used! Doubles aka stand ins aren't just for stunts, they're for all the staging, lighting, framing, and other mundane, as you put it, things that are time wasteful for the star. How cleverly hidden they are is the DIRECTORS fault, not Britney's!
  5. Out of all the promo performances, she definitely had the most fun with TTWE. Actually, the Jimmy Kimmel performance of TTWE was my favorite from the whole era.
  6. At this point I kind of wish they would, it's clear he's using Britney to get fans interested in his dance classes.
  7. Where are you from Heather?

  8. From what we can see of Britney she didn't look into this, either. But if I had to choose between the two, I definitely think TTWE choreography suited Britney better than HIAM.
  9. You need to stop living in the past and finding reasons to pick on Britney! Body doubles aka stand ins are common practice in EVERY part of the entertainment business. Britney's time is money and she's not going to waste her time doing reshoots just like EVERY OTHER ARTIST. I 100% guarantee you this wasn't the first or last time she ever used them, but the only reason anyone cares is because they don't like Femme Fatale for whatever stupid reasons, so you and every other bored ass fan have to pick it apart to try and find a reason why you don't like it! I don't see you analyzing Slave this way, or Toxic, or anything else from before the breakdown! It's only afterwards, so you can find an excuse for why Britney doesn't behave like YOU want her to. Let the woman be, let her breathe, and enjoy what SHE CHOOSES to give you. Or peace the fuck out and find someone that makes you happy, not someone you have to tear apart!
  10. Jamie Lynn has always had Britney's back and been a supportive sister. I've never got the jealous vibes from her, and I think it's great. I still couldn't give less of a shit about her or her "career" but I appreciate her love and respect for Britney.
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