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  1. Happy Birthday βřîţňεỹ Šöℓ∂îεř!

  2. IA with every fucking word he said, Good writing skills, good thinking without being delusional as fuck :clap: I fucking screamed, What's AIR?!!!!!! :gloria:
  3. So according to you she said like 5 times yet no changes happened till now (although I'm sure she didn't say this FIVE times) :gloria: & yeah I wish she add some sexy songs like TOH & Breathe on me. I don't care what she replaces at this point if she is gonna change. She also needs to make some new music & includes them cuz the show has only two recent songs (WB & perfume)
  4. How do you know?!!! & how will she be changing next year if she doesn't even have new music?!!! :moorangu: (unless you are talking about costume changes or using old songs of course)
  5. IK, My point is the more she stays there, the more people will start losing interest in going especially if there are no changes at all. She could add new songs to the setlist, new clothes (not just the same top with some words). I mean for example look at how people were excited for the show when it began & look now. Even some people here from us who don't go stopped checking cuz they know it's the same that's apart from the slight drop in the number of sold tickets if compared to the ones sold when the show first started. She needs some hype if she is planning to extend it
  6. What about the people who will get bored & the international fans that can't/have weak chances of going?!! :crying1: Lots of people stopped checking for vegas already cuz the show is the same :crying2:
  7. When I think my day can't get any worse, but it does :britdrown: You can't stay at Vegas for the rest of your life especially if you aren't even changing anything in the show. People will get bored faster than you think, please do a mini-tour maybe :crying1:
  8. I think she just needs to acknowledge her songs & care about them more along with maybe one or two interviews. It won't be hard at all if she JUST showed some care to her career imo :)
  9. Isn't that pretty girls position in the charts?!! :moorangu: It's good though considering that Britney did nothing except for the residency this year :clap: #KeepOnRocking
  10. The first tweet describes how I feel when I post here & see others comment on what I posted :moorangu: Wake up Britney please, you are WAY bigger than this type of shitty quality songs recently :crying1:
  11. You clearly don't get the point of the "supposedly" between these " - - " . It means I don't think people here look at her like that. They hype the small things although these things are supposed to be NORMAL for someone like Britney :moorangu: You should expect more from her not vise versa. Winning some poll is some sort of SLAY for maybe someone like Fifth harmony or some new artist not BRITNEY SPEARS :britdrown: I am seriously surprised at some people here & the way they think. Maybe try to use your mind more first or follow the words in your own gif :orangu:
  12. I expected the teen choice awards from the title :britdrown: maybe I'm the one who always have high expectations from Britney cuz -supposedly- she is still an "A" star :moorangu:
  13. You're the only one who gets me here. All people think the same way here that I feel like a weirdo. I don't have to say SLAY all of the time just to be a big fan. Maybe, if somebody knows me from exhale days, they will know how I'm such a hard & positive stan :crying1:
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