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  1. I'm not your honey And I don't have to prove anything to anyone, I'll not obligate you to believe me. This wasn't leaked by me, so pay attention before starting act like a att whore. And if you have a problem with me we can resolve face to face.
  2. you need to calm down because if you continue jumpy like this, will not reach 30
  3. Here's the unpublished 'Lover' on Kesha's voice. Enjoy!!
  4. I received last week and before post here I tried to find something online, and didn't found anything
  5. That's why they used call us insider, honey 😗
  6. Hey guys, I just joined twitter with this new account for share all the updates and demos that I get about Britney, because I can't share all this stuff in my personal account. So stay tuned for news there and here https://twitter.com/britneyboytoy
  7. I have one demo. But if I post here, then some users will call me a liar. I'm just trying to be nice with the fans of a singer that it's part of my life. But I really don't wanna be called a liar.
  8. They will exchange!! So we're gonna have Britney feat. Iggy and Iggy feat. Britney
  9. I've posted a demo made by Diplo for Britney Jean, yesterday here in the forum. My company worked to RCA during 5 years. But If you don't wanna see my posts here, i can stop. To bad, because I have a demo of the duet between iggy and brit.
  10. 'Bo$$' actually was made for Britney. The producers sent the song to Sony Music, because they knew that Britney was recording her album that time, and their first wish was 'We want this song on Britney's voice', but Sony sent to Epic Records then FH recorded.
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