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  1. i'm not saying he didn't lipsync, i'm saying he also sang live and was very respected as an artist that's why he could get away with not even having a mic. britney isn't
  2. because michael also sang live and had amazing dance routines. britney lipsyncs all her shows and the dancing's been tragic since 2004 fortunately she improved now .
  3. is this supposed to prove otherwise?
  4. can she do the ''baby don't you wanna...'' part of the original choreography already?
  5. @ 2:30 i mean, turn the mic on during that time so she can scream and stuff like that. it'd be so powerful during the missy break too
  6. larry said she can perform in festivals and do promo performances in award shows this doesn't mean she will though
  7. no thanks. something new please and i bet she hates all her old stuff
  8. who edited my thread? i was praising her body i see you user @MIKE edit: not that mike ffs @Mike.
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