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  1. You know everyone will be lining up the night before it's release to buy it.
  2. Didn't Britney once say that she would write a book one day about her life? That would be amazing if she released one a week before that lifetime trash put their film out and it showed the truth about everything she has gone through. Imagine the people that would be terrified of the things she could write about them and the stuff they put her through.
  3. Everything on it will be exaggerated to make Britney look 100 times worse then she actually was at the time, yet you just know people will watch it and think that is how it all went down. (the more people sign the petition the more likely the press will write about how disrespectful it is)
  4. They will do a film based on tabloid stories and rumours, Britney should sue them and the actors/actresses who are trying to make themselves rich and famous at her expense! only Britney knows what she has gone through in life and it is for her to talk about when or if she wants to get it get it off her chest.
  5. Hopefully his lawyers take most of the money he got from Britney, but I have a feeling this is not the last we hear from that parasite as he will probably show up again when he wants more money and attention for himself.
  6. it would be higher in the chart if it hadn't leaked a week early and if everybody had not talked about links to it.
  7. To a fallen soldier, Thank you Andre for all you gave the B army and may you rest peacefully.
  8. It's Scary that there are people out there who want him to be though.
  9. Thanks, I think that I am just tired (12 hour shift)
  10. Sorry for some reason this posted a number of times instead of once!
  11. I know it is very random but who would you prefer too be the next president of America Donald Trump or Mr Jamie Spears? Trump: racist, homophobic, sexist, spoiled, puts himself first, compulsive liar, and so on! Mr Spears: saved Miss American Dream, learned to run Britney's huge estate and help to expand it, loving father and grandfather (cares for others), defends others (by punching Lutfi) , came from nothing yet raised a legend, extremely hard worker, does what needs to be done (the c-ship). surley anybody would be better then the people running for it at the moment so why not the man the we know will try to do the best he can for everyone? (just giving y'all a new topic for a change)
  12. It leaves me concerned because it is a strange thing to post and then she seems to disappear straight after. I know I am probably reading too much in to it but for this to happen right after the Sam Lutfi thing I am just hoping the hole thing didn't upset her too much.
  13. Britney has not been seen nor heard from since she posted "goodbye" on Instagram, am I the only one that is starting to get concerned? i know there has been a lot of speculation already and I was just curious what the army thoughts were!
  14. Notice how he could not keep eye contact with the one asking the questions, this is a strong sign of a liar. And how scared Britney must have been sitting next to this parasite 10 years on. We should spread #protectbritney to show her we have her back against him.
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