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  1. more like Pamela AndersonishIa about makeup (but lbr this was shopped to death). Love her new lips,cheek bones and nose
  2. This I am 85 years old started when she was dating David. Now all she needs is fire Glenn and stop getting excessive plastic surgery.
  3. She probably fell down from lucky swing,lbr here.
  4. wasn't there that fake list,with Brad Pitt,Brad Pitt nudes,cheetos,how to find cheap cheetos,closest Starbucks etc. ?
  5. I always thought she could voice some princess,animal (like those cute ones) or even some villain,witch or something
  6. 11-12-13 idk ngl,around circus comeback in 2008 Became a stan from 2009-12. Unstaned her during 2013
  7. agreeOr some good comedy (where she doesn't play herself),or some blockbuster animated film,her voice is perfect for cartoons
  8. first Glenn needs to gtfo. We don't need pic ( backlash bcz) where Britney looks older then Madonna on that event !
  9. Madonna did not quote Britney's song,stop embarrassing yourself.
  10. Are you a pedophile ? Just asking buddy,you seem obsessed with GIFs of children,and children's cartoons o.O Stay away from SP and JJ !
  11. pathetic and lame ngl But that's you,40 year old obese guy with mind of a 5 year old Weren't you on that show,"My 600 pounds life" ?