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  1. I LOVE that title! I hope it's a different song to "Slumber Party" because I like that song title too
  2. It has different writers to "Just Luv Me", those titles are so similar
  3. good music good dancing some decent promo and comfortable interviews and for britney to be passionate and care about her album some hot mag covers of course i'd love a tour but that isn't happening
  4. i tweeted my reaction in a britney gif when people hate her tweet yours or post it here
  5. Guys, they will obvious be working on remixes. Not producing songs with Britney.
  6. omggggg i been so busy organizing uni stuff. anyway, good luck guys!
  7. britney is never single for long maybe she's a nympho
  8. wait FK did i miss the deadline
  9. Yeah I believe they are involved in the same songs as Ian Kirkpatrick.
  10. but Myah.Jean was robbed of grammys !!!!!!!
  11. DJ Mustard Alex da Kid The Invisible Men Roccstar Ian Kirkpatrick Matthew Koma Sam Bruno Rock Mafia
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