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  1. Happy Birthday FreakShowNey!

  2. ikr Is there anywhere that has the full list the awards she has won? we need it to rub it in hater's face
  3. My Goddess, Miss Britney Spears, has won over +400 awards through her hard work and iconic career But wikipedia's page (which is people's first source to find out about stuffs) has included only 50 awards and 104 nomination THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE someone needs to fix this as soon as possible BTW , here's the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Britney_Spears
  4. She always looks perfect when she's attending the VMAs I just don't get the flop tribute She didn't even have a speech and just introduced beyonce's next performance beyawnce took advantage over britney's spotlight and used britney's tribute to get more attention #HatebeyonceFOREVER
  5. I'm fine as long as she releases a well-promoted and slay-your-faves-career album
  6. I don't know if you realized or not but #britneyspears posts are stuck at 999,786 ???? it doesn't even increase it should be already above 1million because of Britney's new pics nice troll instagram
  7. If HIAM keeps on getting views like this(25k a day) , we won't be able to reach 100m before 2015 We might not be able to tie the record we rihanna :ucrazy:
  8. My top 10 is always changing but right now it's like: 1) Gimme More (this spot is probably never gonna change ) 2) Piece Of Me 3)Baby One more time 4)Toxic 5) I'm a slave 4 u 6)I wanna go 7)Someday I will understand 8) Breathe On Me 9)Alien 10)Oops I did it again
  9. I see a lot of B-armies on twitter and FB sharing Gimme more youtube links Let's focus more on HIAM, I mean we can at least tie the record
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