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  1. i'm addicted to you don'tchu know that you're toxic!
  2. shame on you perfect lover remains flawless
  3. so many new people here now xD enjoy your stay
  4. i think we all have been/still are bullied for whatever reason and that's one of the causes of us being here today. here united in exhale and universe and interacting with other britney fans because well we are bullied and we need to distract ourselves from the world outside our homes. we always put our eyes onto 2007 because of what she went through unfortunately and take it as a reminder that it will all be ok. sadly it's life. what can we do? we go through it. like a karate kid
  5. he comes to me in my dreams and tells me what i need to know
  6. aren't you forgetting something? maybe TCS BS? such a shame how the comeback tour is so underrated. and people complain about radar horse
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