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  1. Happy Birthday MiSa!

  2. In The Zone Though I love Blackout (and it's a tough choice), ITZ has and will always be my favourite. I never get tired of listening to it and I love the different music styles, the vocals, the big ballads and raunchy songs. She seemed so in control of the whole album and really experimented a lot. It would've been even better, if Madonna hadn't joined in on MATM. I'll never get tired of TOMH, BOM, MATM, Everytime, Shadow, (IGT) BB, Toxic, Outrageous, BNG. Age: 30 (y'all making me feel so old...) Gender: female Sexuality: Straight Location: Germany
  3. Bambi Awards? You don't mean that boring German Award Show she made her comeback on in 2008?? I'm German and I totally hate it. Plus, it would be wastet promo (wrong country imho). I just hope they do promo (appearances, interviews, PERFORMANCES) and let the world know Brit has a new smasha....
  4. Wow, that's amazing, thank you for putting it up and updating!