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  1. Haha, well that's not confirmed TBH, but yeah I think it probably is. Like I said, just a random fun thought
  2. She looks AMAZING!!! Just a random thought that came over me this morning... what if she is teasing her new single "Sexy Sunday"!!! Could be an "Early Mornin'" type song about lazing around with her man and having a sexy Sunday in bed haha.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/kiis1011/status/613602715818590212
  4. KIIS 101.1 Melbourne tweeted about it! She's going to be on in and hour and a half!!!
  5. Bloodshy is currently one half of Galantis. They are quite big at the moment! "Runaway (You & I)"
  6. Hey y'all! I just added a HQ clip of the Project interview to YouTube for anyone who's interested!
  7. Hey guys! I've just added this to YouTube in high quality. Link here!
  8. Country: Australia Songs: BOMT, OIDIA, MATM, Toxic, Everytime (all massive #1 hits!!!), could choose many more but they are def the biggest) Video: Same as above Album: In the Zone Era: In the Zone (based on the number of #1s, though BOMT and OIDIA were also huge)
  9. Totally!!! I imagine the stage being totally simple for the verses - Brit walks out, spotlights shining on her from different directions. Then the build up... a few strobe lights kick in as the best gets faster... then BAM!!! The whole stage lights up, all the backup dancers come out and it's like a massive party with an amazing dance routine!!!
  10. I've always thought Now That I Found You would be perfect for the encore of a Britney Jean tour
  11. You're right, there are a bunch of extra songs on the long shot of the board at the beginning of the scene... but what I posted is from the actual setlist that they end up with by the end of the scene (since it shows where those songs would have actually been placed in the show! ). I should update the OP with the rest of the songs that were being considered though...
  12. You're welcome! I've watche IABJ a million time and it only just struck me to do it haha
  13. I've always wished she would have performed her part of S&S!!! That would be epic! The whole section is definitely a wasted opportunity. Fingers crossed they realise that and that it's one of the changes they make in the future. Who knows, maybe the new single could be added in there!!!
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