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  1. It is just a rip-off from the audio of the youtube videos. People are really using their money for this?
  2. It's on deezer too... And what is with that cover? Is it just an audio rip of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_-FJI1Kr_g
  3. I was thinking this too. Having her kids back must have boosted her selfconfidence.
  4. Maybe she wants to slow things down? And just be without doing something all the time.
  5. Considering where making her career first took her, this is actually good thing. I can imagine it's not that easy to change your focus after working pretty much non-stop for for over ten years. the fact that she did it is amazing. And even if she has so much freetime outside her kids and the show, doesn't she have the right just be and relax without constantly working on something?
  6. My goosh! Looks and sounds like she was doing a parody of that song (and herself as well).
  7. She is right. Music is so much about hype, physicall appearance and charts. It's sad. Just enjoy the music, no matter how much or little promotion and chart success.
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