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  1. Im down for some natural vocals. But I a gonna have to call out that silly man on calling her vocals mechanical. Britney Jean, yes, had awful vocal production and autotune sprinkled all over the place as if we were dumb. Femme Fatale had zero tact, but thats all Luke. I mean, even the main vocal mixes are full of auto tune trying to pass off as a stylization. And T B H, i hear no autone on Blackout. Vocal effects yes, but that was the point. AnuwhoT, im excite!
  2. well "they" aren't in charge anymore. i heard from a trusted source that cannot be named that she has the final say in her future albums so dont troll me because i will cry.
  3. Honestly, i do NOT want 10 year old rejects. If Britney was good then, then she can do even better now if she's passionate about it. Britney only renewed her contract on the condition that she had the final say in everything and it is on paper mama. I want B9 as much as anyone else but I dont want her to be distracted by POM. I will wait until 2017, no, i will wait until 2019. Deadlines are dead to her, she has earned the right to have 100% control of her artistry. I dont care if the general public forgets about her by 2019 because i know she doesnt care either. It was just her and her guiding light Teresa LaBarbara that crafted Blackout so i know that once she is ready, she will deliver us from evil (katy perry) and slay us with her light pop rock contemporary adult music.
  4. I think Blackout really took a lot out of both Danja and B&A. Danja's rock style sounds dated (Circus bonus tracks, P!nk), his other elctro-dance tracks, while good, dont have the same hard hitting edge (Ciaras "Turntables," Danity Kanes "Pretty Boy,"), and his r&b stuff is just okay. Bloodshy and Avant have always given us the most original productions, although, the Circus tracks were a bit more on the safe side, and their work for FF was good, but had way too much involvement from Dr Lukes people. I will say that their first Miike Snow album SLAYED and The Wave is one of my fave songs ever. But their work after that has also fallen into a slump. i suspect Bloodshy has done some questionable shit, seeing as how he worked on a song with Kunty Perry, which was Basic as hell. And B&As work on Galantis is much too boring for their track record. There is no way the magic on Blackout will ever be recreated. I want Brit to really go for some unknows and have 100% more input than what she had on FF.
  5. I gotchu mawmaw: Genie in a Bottle was whiny, the music video was boring, and Christina's image was way too safe. Had she debuted sooner, she would have faded into obscurity or would have been sentenced to Disney soundtracks. Ill go as far as to say that she owes all of her sucess to Britney. It took BOMT a couple months to build momentum and shoot Britney to the top and with all success comes judgement. The only reason people kept praising Xtines vocals was beacuse they were comparing them to Britneys. WIth no one to compare to, Crustina would have been just meh. Personally, i would rather listen to Britney record BTI over and over, than to listen to anything from Xtina. So no.
  6. So obnoxious when people do this. Britney has the most unique and diverse voice in the whole game. Dont think i didnt clock Kunty Perry stealing Britneys vocal stylization from Why Should I Be Sad, and use it for Birthday.
  7. Danja, gurl, imma need you to S T O P. Blackout was flawless because of the constant communication and closeness that they had. If he is just making songs without knowing what Britney wants or where she is, it's not going to work. Besides, Danjas work has only declined in quality since 2009.
  8. Can't wait until the #Kardashians start having to do @Zaxbys commercials.

  9. lest we forget the time she shaded brinty by saying she tried "working" with britney but couldnt because the batteries on her producers mouse died implying god knows what. her song "lies" is really good tho. it's a refelection on her puss considering it's a luke production and we know what he requires to make a good song
  10. i thought it was Ana Gomez credited as backing vocals. How has Myah Marie not been hit with a cease and desist on her life on account of her theft of intelletual (?) property in Britney's voice.
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