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  1. OMG ! Looks amazing ! I’m super excited for this show ! Choreo looks so fresh !
  2. Ahhh cool ! I’ve got London tickets too but maybe you try putting them on seatwave ? So excited for this show
  3. Amazing show once again ! Just hate the new "fake" thigh high boots ! Especially when there clipped to her tights ! Bring back the old black ones !
  4. I actually love it ! The colour could be brighter but the fit makes her body look amazing ! She's killing these new outfits at the moment. Loving this leg of the stint so far
  5. I really do love the costumes this leg of the run but I really am not sure about it all being the colour black. Her body is amazing I just wish there was a bit more colour in the costumes. Saying that I'm so happy she wore the pink for the last act. I really don't like the green outfit since he sleeves have been cut off and the jewels have been splatted on ! It doesn't do anything for her figure ! Loving the private show outfit though. Just wish it was a colour other then black. I think nude colour would be good
  6. I can't believe what I'm seeing. It is amazing. I'm watching on repeat on my smart tv. It's crazy good
  7. Guys stop moaning. It's actually really good ! Yeh it's. it changed majorley but I'm glad it hasn't. I think it works really well with to tinashe. I love it
  8. Let's be fair here. The original make me video was only good because she looked amazing and she wore a thong and had her titties out ! The actual concept of the video in my opinion was stupid especially the Tv in the pool part. It had no relation to the song at all ! Only thing I miss from the original video was the dancing ! Slumber party is a great song. And I think it will do better then love me down because everytime I hear that song I feel Nicki minaj should be on it ! I wanted just luv me but I'm super happy with slumber. I just pictures now only then I will know that's the song she's doing. Video for. Time will tell !
  9. Are we sure the video is being filmed. Just seen a clip of one of her dancers on Snapchat out partying
  10. Loving the new costume but I just hate the toxic green outfit. When she first wore it with the sleeves and no tacky diamonds attached it looks so good on her. But it looks terrible and doesn't do her figure any justice. Please let's hope if she's keeping the iheart costume for the opening that can get a new for toxic or even the other green one for work
  11. She always tans before a video shoot. This could be the start
  12. Her London promo is rocking kiss fm radio 1 lorraine Kelly this morning loose woman jonathen ross apple festival I think she's here for a week . Well I know the dancers are
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