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  1. RIP Verne Troyer. He’ll always be remembered as “Mini Me.” https://t.co/K872BVblsp

  2. I’m in the cinema about to cry over #LoveSimon for the fifth time. https://t.co/OtYnFjJkfP

  3. @IslandRecords I’m available if Shawn Mendes is having a secret session in London.

  4. Serving up looks for my job interview. https://t.co/Q0H7KMU25k

  5. @tobey0urthirst Oh ya. There's so many.

  6. RT @emailmypussy: ‘Four years! What can I say? You better work bitch!’ https://t.co/5QSf4R5NCk

  7. Now THIS I would pay to see. #StarWars https://t.co/NVoxWVrUlx

  8. When I look back on Britney’s last 4 years in Las Vegas I feel proud knowing she did THAT. #PieceOfMe https://t.co/Qgna31v17q

  9. @MrBrownEyes87 Thanks to Friends. https://t.co/mIgeNBe4hL

  10. @RWitherspoon @Alyssa_Milano Queens.

  11. I just died and went to heaven. https://t.co/7gFqNnwQxI

  12. @jamielynnspears Awww... too cute.

  13. @NoShameAnferne Perfect excuse to get closer. ❤️

  14. They just want to break my heart every three episodes but honestly I kind of just wish #Bughead would have stayed b… https://t.co/e2M7n9cPFl

  15. @ZacEfron @Zendaya Gay icons.

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