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  1. Oh really? I didn't know. I understand if she gets tired but she should've cut IUSA rather than the backflip lol. Oh well I guess I should've done my research before bitching about something that happened months ago.
  2. Most of the time I'm one of the few positive people here but this is outrageous. She got rid of one of the highlights of the show. I can't believe that every time she goes on hiatus we have to expect her to take out different parts of the choreo instead of adding.
  3. I love it. It's one of my favorite songs ever. I even made a ringtone from the work it work it boy watch me work it slide down my pole watch me spin it and twerk it. It's a great song full of personality and sassiness.
  4. I don't know how I feel about this. When I watched the VMA performance it felt okay but as they kept performing together it made me feel uncomfortable. They look really good together but the way they touch each other while performing seems a little forced. G-Eazy does look like a creep and the fact that Britney is always saying No when he touches her adds up to the idea of him being a creep.
  5. I feel like every time Britney does a new performance people have their criticism even before they watch the performance. Every one says the exact same thing: she's stiff! She needs a new choreographer! The same stupid comments all the time. If you don't like what she's doing, move on! As for my opinion of the performance, I really liked it. I don't care if people say the performance is full of recycled moves, those moves are great and if she feels comfortable, I'm happy!
  6. Do somethin'? It has been replaced before I don't see why she wouldn't do it again. However I hope she gets rid of that stupid Missy Elliot mix or at least Boys which in my opinion is the worst performance of the show.
  7. Yes!!! Stop the dragging especially when it comes to Britney. She's doing great and instead of looking at the bad things start thinking positive and be grateful for everything she's done throughout the whole Glory era.
  8. Yaaas!!! I completely agree with your post. I think Beyonce is Ok but that's it. She has a few good dance moves and a good voice but other than that she's the definition of overrated, she's nothing out of this world. I also loved your comment about the lipsyncing, imo her best performances, even back in 1999 were when she was lipsyncing. I almost never watch any of her live ballads because I've always loved her dancing performances. Her voice is cute, but I rather watch a performance with well executed choreography and album vocals, than a performance where her voice is cracking every second, she's out of breath and bad dancing. As for the AMF performance at first i wasn't impressed by it, but by the third time I watched the whole concert I really enjoyed it. I think her only problem is that she's too used to her stage in Las Vegas and everytime she performs at a different stage she freaks out because she doesn't know where's her spot and the dancers have to direct her and tell her where to go.
  9. I thought I was the only one. It's not a bad song at all but in my opinion is the worst on Glory!
  10. Omg it would have been a thousand times better than the mess we got. Tbh I don't think the video was too sexual. Is it just me or the scene with G-Eazy makes y'all think that he was on top of someone else and not Britney, I mean we only see "her hands" it could've been another double. I really hope this version leaks completely. The scenes in the cage are great, I would love to see them in HD.
  11. I voted ITZ simply because of two big reasons. BOM & TOMH.
  12. I can't believe there's people bitching about her being too sexy. Just a few years ago y'all would get mad over her saying she's a mom now and that she wouldn't do the sexy things she used to do and now she's back doing what most people wanted from her and now some are saying that's too raunchy or so vulgar. Make up your mind you dumb fucks. Jocasta as usual putting these people in their place, Britney or Rihanna or any artist can be as sexy or provocative as they want to.
  13. Everytime a video comes out my excitement for this album grows bigger and bigger. I think I will love B9 more than any of her other albums but we'll have to wait and see I love the fact that she likes to recycle choreographies. During the private show snippet I saw her doing the Breathe on Me move she does with her hands at the beginning of the song. I'm so excited, I hope we get this song and MMO on Friday.
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