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  1. Happy Birthday SkyNet!

  2. Is thats real? Is that Britney? OMG!!!!! I think i died and went to photo heaven.
  3. All other websait are working perfectly fine, but youtube (and sometimes gmail) not uploading at all. Not just videos, the whole websait.
  4. I know they brought youtube ages ago. And I had this problem before, but recently it's just got out of control.
  5. OK, please tell that I'm not the only one who have this issue. Ever since Google brought Youtube, it's working 1 time out of 100000. Changed browser, changed computer but still it's not working most of the time.
  6. 911! Call me 911! I can't breath! She looks STUNNING!!!!!!!!! OMG! O Holy Hedgehog! I feel like I have to say something else, but I can't think clearly to be able to express myself! Love the photoshoot! Love the red look! Love make up! Love hair! Love love love love Britney!
  7. If I would follow Britney for so many years, I would think that she injured her back in the past. Sometimes it's looks like she can't really move it, like she have a back-pain. Or, she just afraid that this costume will rip on her.
  8. I like the green better. I think orange kind of washing her off, blending with her skin color. It would look good in reds or blacks
  9. That's my point. We know that there's soooo many pictures never seen before, beautiful stunning pictures. But all they can give us is Very low quality. I as fan-art artist, want to see HQ! To be able to see her eyes clearly. This quality breaks my heart
  10. Then there is too much of the pictures to hype about. Candie's, Vegas and X factor.
  11. I will never understand WHY they can leak bad quality on purpose? It's not like they've took a pictures of someone screen in some office...They do have a HQ! So, why don't they just give us HQ straight away? Why teas us
  12. Don't care whats his job is, don't care whats the websait is about... The only thing at care is thats, everyone on this websait have professional photos and David has picture from Elton John party where he went with Britney
  13. I still hope that she trying to grow her own hair healthier. That's why she removed extensions and wears wig, so her hair won't be damaged everyday by styling. But wigs are too big and too fake, if they'll be not as huge then they won't be a problem to dance in.
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