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  1. Only the Soundcloud rips are available right now. That's where the owner posted them.
  2. Thanks, I have read "real russian sources". But go off sis.
  3. girl are you just ignoring the entire 2014 era? they aren't even on speaking terms at this point. Don't try to tell me about Tatu, I'm probably one of their biggest fans gorl. And I'm not trying to ignite Yulen wars, but they definitely don't like each other at this point
  4. I've been saying this forever. If this album didn't have Britney's name on it, no one would hate it. It is a solid dance album, aside from Chillin With You.
  5. Dr. Luke and Max Martin definitely had nothing to do with that trash song lol
  6. I don't even really like Lonely but this performance was really cool and very interesting
  7. So much for a misleading title, yes. no.
  8. Mark Seliger only did the Oops shoot pics. The Britney pics are by Steven Klein, and the DWAD one is Herb Ritts.
  9. I mean, that doesn't make it official. Mislabeling files isn't good. And I honestly wouldn't say this is cleaner, it just doesn't have the guitar in it.