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  1. Burn is a demo of Look Who's Talking, we already knew that?? No, the words aren't backwards
  2. Why is this posted in games And why is the title a question
  3. Heaven On Earth specifically sounds SUPER unfinished. None of them were even mixed yet. It was just a demo CDr that happened to leak, people don't change songs just because they leaked.
  4. Those are very obviously not finished products, we would absolutely not have gotten those officially released.
  5. That isn't the soundboard. It's fan audio mixed with the Japan soundboard.
  6. Y'all. It's gonna be a greatest hits show. Larry confirmed that. I don't know why you're thinking it's gonna have non-singles.
  7. In all honesty, I thought that's why team B was taking down the I Got Nothing leaks
  8. This is fucking ridiculous. I'm sorry, I'm the first to defend Britney, but what the absolute HELL is this? Jagged Little Pill, Garbage, Mellon Collie, Mezzanine, etc, have all had Super Deluxe 3-4 disc re-releases that were super in-depth, with unreleased songs, demos, instrumentals, live performances, remixes, etc. One of the best selling debuts of all-time gets an overpriced vinyl re-release with a fucking hoodie? I would rather them do nothing for BOMT anniversary than this.
  9. It's just a song that was pitched to her and so she sung it. It isn't about him.
  10. Only the Soundcloud rips are available right now. That's where the owner posted them.
  11. Thanks, I have read "real russian sources". But go off sis.
  12. girl are you just ignoring the entire 2014 era? they aren't even on speaking terms at this point. Don't try to tell me about Tatu, I'm probably one of their biggest fans gorl. And I'm not trying to ignite Yulen wars, but they definitely don't like each other at this point
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