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  1. OK but it's still not official, and it says "official" in the title. That's misleading. My ears told me so, because it is clearly not official.
  2. What are you even talking about?????????? BOMT had other people doing BGs too, and the only album with someone other than Britney doing adlibs was BJ. These demos and the showcase didn't cause a controversy.
  3. Honey this makes no sense. She didn't make Glory as a reaction to Britney Jean. It was just her next album. That's like saying she made Britney because of Oops I Did It Again. She did the carpool karaoke to promote Glory, it was not at all about that showcase. I doubt she cares at all. She will almost certainly not respond to these demos at all. The most we can hope for is a deluxe edition of BOMT for the 20th anniversary, like what Jagged Little Pill and Garbage got.
  4. girl who didn't? queen of enslaving boys
  5. I simply don't understand why in the hell Team B had stills that were taken during the video shoot and still went with screenshots for the official album.
  6. That's something we DO disagree on but that's ok. I do think "It just didn't work" is a non-answer and as good as nothing having been said BUT I do honestly think that Larry knows better than to trash a well-respected industry photographer, so I am content with knowing that that is the most we will ever likely hear about it. I stan Tatu first and foremost and their whole career is nothing but mysteries, stunts, and conflicting reports, so I am definitely used to accepting that some things I'll never know, no matter how much I want to. EDIT: Ace Of Base fits in there too. If you think a music video is bad, imagine a member of a band leaving with dodgy & conflicting explanations given for years.
  7. I'm assuming that since the video wasn't finished, the contract was breached and he didn't have to give the video footage aside from the early cut he had already made....... But that's 100% speculation on my end. There's definitely a piece missing that fans may honestly never know about.
  8. Single cover was before things went sour. Not sure about G-Eazy footage but from what I understand he just refused to hand over the footage, which is why the one in the final video still has the timecode from the workprint.
  9. LaChapelle came out of retirement for Britney's video. A photoshoot was shot first, it is what appears on the Make Me single cover. Britney had a fight with him late into the making of the original video, he decided not to allow them usage of the photos/video he shot.
  10. who is this and why should we trust them?
  11. Then you're judging me based off of assumptions. And we have no idea why songs aren't on albums, or why outtakes from photoshoots weren't chosen to be released. Maybe she just didn't like the sound of them? Maybe she felt she didn't look good in them?
  12. I don't know if it got as far as a booklet being made, honestly.