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  1. Youtube can't support LPCM unfortunately (unless I'm mistaken). The audio and video streams automatically get compressed.
  2. why did this get bumped after a year of inactivity
  3. No, I'm not actually that big of a fan of edits tbh
  4. I didn't insult it, I gave my opinion, and showed you what I considered to be a better edit, so that you could have a reference. The one you sent afterwards actually looked pretty good. And I have been a bit busy the past fw days
  5. I wasn't rude. And we don't talk because I haven't been getting on here lately.
  6. that is still rather fake looking honestly. It's almost cartoonish. If you want to do a realistic beauty edit, here's an example. I just did this in Photoshop.
  7. girl you were supposed to wait for someone else to respond. not post them all yourself.
  8. Where did you get this?? What is the quality of the original video files? You should upload those for us too
  9. Those are stems, he asked for songs
  10. OK so I didn't see JoshLee's original post, and I wasn't sure at all why you quoted a random picture, but that makes sense. Sorry lol
  11. what does that have to do with renaming britney's songs tho