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  1. I really feel like ITZ was britney's kind of homage to TVR....I know it didnt touch the realism of TVR, but musically speaking.... ROL to me is so over-rated, not a bad album, but not really worthy of bragging rights.. maybe just me
  2. been there mentally for a while, just starting to voice my hnest opinion about it. I love her to death naturally. But if she chooses to do her thing, that's what she does. I will support her unconditionally. I just miss naturalney
  3. she really deserved more VMA's. Next to MJ and Madonna nobody can touch her videography! I watched the VMA's "religiously" as a teen/adult, and I was always pissed at the end of each night
  4. I don't get why she is doing what she is doing? Lynne is still a MILf to str8 guys, you know she got some of those genes. I still think she is sexy as hell, but it really needs to stop, coming from a die hard fan
  5. LOVE TVR ...honestly more of a Janet fan than Madonna....I would love it. imo TVR > ROL
  6. love this thread...for me at this point it is between crazy. bomt, and overprotected (original) to be elimated
  7. I don't know any Selena song other than her singles, but this one is my favorite by far. It deserves it
  8. Glad I am not alone, they look at me like , and then i'm usually like too bad i'm telling you about it anyway
  9. this is going to sound bad, but at the time...I thought it was the worst promo schedule she had ever had (now it seems like just a dream to get something like that again) so I wasn't that into it. The album was 50/50 for me, I thought it was not nearly as good as Circus, same with tour. But it looks good now as compared to BJ era so I have come to like it a little more
  10. i would not like it (not that I hate BJ), but would be here for some more new music either way
  11. haha not needed, they don't make fun of britney or dislike her, they jam to her still, just think I am crazy that I still check for her like I do. They don't stan anyone (I am prob oldest fan who still checks for news for her regularly ).
  12. definitely been a stan since the begging, promote the Queen all the time though most of my friends laugh that I still stan
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