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  1. Bump :crying: I need the originals :/ i thinl i can pinpoint the bottom one from TTWE, but not the others, especially not the middle one :// Helfen mir bitte
  2. I don't get the come back part tho... I just want the original pictures
  3. So i was creeping around instagram searching #BritneySpears, and this popped up: http://instagram.com/p/pAXIS1C0ri/ Where are those pics from tell meeehhh
  4. Hi y'all As @@WeKeepOnRockin mentioned, we are not yet the biggest forum on the interwebs. So, i know this is kinda a thread stealer, sorry , but here are my ideas for different promotion. So i thought that we instead of going onto different other forums to promote, we try to haul in fresh meat. In which i mean users, that no other forum has, which may come as an advantage to us, because we exploit the newer target groups, or the younger users. And now is the correct time for that, as there is an increase of teenagers (red. 13 year olds) that are interested in Britney. That means, that we have to find ways to promote on Kik, Twitter and perhaps Facebook, but to me it seems like it is a dying market. Someone else has to do Kik, cause i don't even know what that is Twitter: Mass-Tweet promo. We find a way to gather as many people, to send out similar tweets, aimed to make people visit this website, out on the same time. These have to be active users. We need a hashtag and ofc a link to the website. The only problem is, that we have to reach out of our own circle, if you know what i mean, like our "the Brinny Cliqué", so we need to work out a way, to get neutral people to share the site. That's were the Galaxy news section comes in. We wait for something to happen, that appeals to the GP and us, and then share it with one of our Mass-Tweets. That will make us a source, and other people may retweet it. Facebook: Promote the site to a targeted audience. _______________________________________________________________________________ Differentiation strategy: We also need to learn to differentiate ourselves, from the rest. From what i know, no other forum has an active youtube account, that they use frequently. We could easily exploit this, to make some funny thing, not bashing and only Britney related, but stuff that appeals to the GP too. Remember, it's all about adjusting and luring in the GP, and then transforming them, which is easy to do. Have some competition, were there are Give Away's, to new members ( ), and have some really cool stuff on it. To that we need to exploit our Social Media presence, and get the competition out there. _______________________________________________________________________________ Those are just my ideas, don't know if they're good
  5. I don't mean a new show But in IABJ she talked about adding Alien in the second set of shows, which implies, that the show is open for corrections and addings And how would you know she hasn't been rehearsing Not trying to sound rude
  6. aaaw, wouldn't leave this flawless site Gotta get posting tho
  7. So, Vegas is some weeks away, are you guys excited, to see if there are any changes, or if they have improved ? :cutesmile: I really love Vegas, and i couldn't be more grateful for it, because i love her dancing I don't really get the people who don't like it, but they have an opinion too :britney-agreedlol: SO just wanted to know i y'all are excited to see it again, and if you like it, and if you think there should be any changes :cutesmile: Love you guys
  8. A Jordan and Britney Morph Getting chills down my back... #AsianNey