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  1. Happy Birthday ole mama!

  2. I think the production isn't good. fancy worked cos it was fresh. PG as a do over is floppy, it could have been much better and maybe the remixes are great but the track doesn't build, it falls flat n is shit to dance to and embarrasing to sing along to unless yr under 15. In my opinion, anyways.
  3. - Britney Jean Spears (like a trilogy) - Sk8er M0M - Star (bucks)
  4. Some things that did happen in 2010 that noone is mentioning: - fernando flores lawsuit - he said she farted, picked her mose, never showered, was on anti-opiate meds, tried to seduce him then called him a f-got, belted her kids and had terrible fights with Jason. - sam lutfi court case still ongoing - possible album scrapped - Possible Kevin decided didn't want to get back together n stuck with Victoria. Any of these things alone would ve devastating, let alone under a c-ship. I love Brit n she's dealt with more than most people could handle.
  5. Charlie must have done something really shitty or been busted planning or doing something bad for Britney (and her Dad) to dump him this hard seemingly out of the blue. She looked a bit off posing with him at The BMA's, like she was annoyed with him. I think him talking shit, saying she's not smart enough for him and them finding out is pretty plausible. He did something. 'Run its course' is just stupid after all the public romance and people spread.
  6. The people spread seems a real shame, I'm really sad that she's being hurt. I wonder whose idea the spread was now, was it his? Its rotten for Brit and her boys. His Dad married his mother after six weeks and Britney's too after a month or a few, can't exactly remember but they did well not to already be married. It's really shit he's such a fame whore. My gaydar is out for him though, his appearance is very flamboyant.
  7. There's a blind item that says that she broke it off since she felt he was using her for her career and told people she wasn't smart enough for him and her Dad disliked him. Then he put out a story that she was baby/marriage crazy and he wanted to take his time. Sounds plausible cos she's said that in interviews. Then her team were furious and planned to allude to him being gay as revenge. He may or may not be on the payroll. I don't know what to believe, but she didn't seem very happy with him at the Billboard awards.
  8. Me too, word for word. It's also reminiscent of circus promotional performance outfits and she looks so hot in boyleg pants. I don't hate the old one, I'm sure it looks a 1000 times better in person with the stage lights, but this is really flattering.
  9. Thanks for showing the differences, I was looking on ex fail and gave up. Xx
  10. It just looked a bit squewed in that second picture. Must say though, I am in loove with her new opening act outfit, just gorgeous! And she does look thinner and losing eight on meds is really difficult. Anyway, shouldn't complain because we all know she is choosing them and she can wear what she likes. At least she's never worn meat!
  11. Fair enough, but I think its part of it, like the shoes.
  12. I agree, dress all the way here, like the one the designer wanted for the opening, (blue/silver) I was so sad with the body suit in place of that dress idea. Or the low cut around the legs, or even put a little skirt over it. Also, her hair is a billion times better in the second pic. I don't wanna be whingy in my first post, but I came looking for new costumes and that wig is horrible.
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