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  1. RT @FeimM: Imagine Glory not getting the nomination for the Best Pop Vocal album at the Grammys

  2. RT @codyspearz: I've never read anything more true https://t.co/onGAptIDqv

  3. RT @bawbbyspears: Sure, give us a call when you're not allowed to marry who you love or get murdered for your sexuality. https://t.co/4Sv58…

  4. Frolicking through this today :-D #quarrytrail #auburn @ Quarry Trail Auburn Ca https://t.co/3u33mJeVcF

  5. RT @DeanThomasXXX: ? https://t.co/eue0M1QA6P

  6. RT @britneysgalaxy: The entire Britney army on Tuesday night. ? https://t.co/tHqNjz7wct

  7. RT @jimmyhendrixjr: Trump can run for president with no political experience but I need a masters and 5 years experience for an entry level…

  8. RT @beysupdates: As soon as she said stop when performing you drive me crazy. My computer actually stopped.. A Legend can control your life…

  9. RT @LyricalBritney: Me: Make Me is the worst lead single video by a pop girl in 2016 Perfect Illusion: https://t.co/n66um4g7Ow

  10. Lake Tahoe, we made it! #laketahoe #norcal #happy https://t.co/wEskZHrXoV

  11. RT @broneco: DWAD tour is one of my all time favorites, this shit is lit ? https://t.co/JYoHEIodNc

  12. Big yes! https://t.co/ch8OtlyMEx

  13. @RuPaulsDragRace untucked bringing me to Fucking tears. Thanks @AlyssaEdwards_1

  14. RT @ShadyPopMusic: Should Glory be Nominated for Album Of The Year? Retweet: Yes Like: No https://t.co/dzhy50QjJO

  15. RT @CGBPosts: When you have to pretend you didn't already know the tea https://t.co/0bXTNWgKgO

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