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  1. @SparkyMacMillan Any way that trivia will end by 9:30 so we can all watch the debate? I don't want to give up either. ?

  2. RT @kurteichenwald: Russia used document alteration techniques to effect election in Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, US. https://t.co/1…

  3. RT @UN: Investing in girls helps them build better lives & create a more peaceful & prosperous world for ALL. https://t.co/2hzQEO2vc3 #dayo…

  4. RT @justinjm1: NEW: Trump said "as the owner of the pageant, it's your obligation" to sleep with contestants https://t.co/LeTVpEf55n

  5. RT @MichaelSkolnik: Clinton Foundation has helped millions of people around the world and the Trump Foundation was just sent a cease + desi…

  6. RT @RollingStone: Watch the Weeknd light up #SNL with 'Starboy" and "False Alarm" https://t.co/JoxjgHxnAs

  7. RT @Fahrenthold: NEW: @realdonaldtrump's Fdn, totally reliant on other people's $, lacks state certification to raise $ from others. https:…

  8. Morning after thought: When both Howard Stern and Rosie O'Donnell get name dropped in a debate, you know you are in uncharted territory.

  9. Also ICYMI literally here is a link. https://t.co/aAJaw7p63V

  10. @britneyspears love it! Can't wait! @iHeartRadio https://t.co/6y97v2sVok

  11. @KingggAnthony @mattstopera @britneysgalaxy Agree completely! Do You Wanna Come Over feels like a huge radio hit!

  12. Hi @OnAirRomeo and @MostRequestLive please play #MakeMe by @britneyspears and @G_Eazy https://t.co/ESgLYEh1B1

  13. @britneysgalaxy @britneyspears Love it! Such a great look into Britney's process!

  14. In sad news, the @officialfye had already thrown away the window cling of the ?. ? But they let me put my name on the #Glory poster! ???

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