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  1. I still think it was the product placement. I mean, I didn't notice any obvious products in the Slumber Party video.....
  2. Don't be sad...DC sucks. Like a blow job with teeth and no orgasm.
  3. Hosted by Britney Galaxy and RCA! Anyone else going? I'm planning to be there with my friend. Hope to meet some other hard ore stans!
  4. True flawless stan! I may have to go to every gay bar tonight and post these!
  5. Has it been confirmed it was David LaChapelle who shot this?! It's amazing! If it was him, we need praise the fuck out of him so we can get MORE like this!
  6. I've been streaming it non-stop since Friday morning! I just turn the volume off when I'm sleeping or can't have it actually audible. I've actually listened to it at least 50 times though.
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